Baby Kicking while in Belly! Also, what happens to a navel tattoo and piercing when pregnant?

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This is an awesome, short video of what to expect when your 9 months pregnant! If you know anyone trying to get pregnant and can’t then have them check out this link:


mamalik34 says:

wow!!!!!GREAT!!!!loved it!fasinating!

bea555 says:

What did your piercing look like after the pregnancy? Did it stretch out
the hole significantly?

Gray Deuber says:

why hav tattoo there idiot

ExplosivePotential says:

@ChrisAndDaveTV WOW!!!

12valvepower1 says:

@TH3LM0R4 mmmm

grocrossbonesver42 says:

Why can’t I stop pressing these strange videos, AHHHHHH!!! I’m about to go

betyavila says:

its bad that u have tatoo because that will make ur blood infected while

goo nicholson says:

i kept screaming, so my mom comes in, nd shes like “WHAT, WUT HAPPENED??”
then she watched the vid and did the same thing. ¬¬

BornBlessed2011 says:

I’m ttc right now but I loved it!!!! I’m so ready for all of those kinds of

ExplosivePotential says:


hanniyes says:


greenpowerrangers says:

@ChrisAndDaveTV good i know how ur mom feels. same thing happen with my
baby girl

ExplosivePotential says:

@bellie28 Thanks =)

jazmonhart says:

thank you :)

ExplosivePotential says:

@jazmonhart Oh WOW! That is just toooo cute! Congrats!

ExplosivePotential says:

@shannonloveshimx =) Thanks

Isabel Guzman says:

Does that hurt? Because, It’s cute and looking painful.

CamreaWizz says:

Aww just as beutiful as my sisters =)

Kari Eifler says:

hi! I’m considering getting a naval piercing. How does it look after you
had your kid? Did it go back to normal or did it stay stretched? Cute video
by the way! thx

jazmonhart says:

mine started kiking while i watched this video

Ashley Lynne says:

He/she is like let me out of hereeeeeee lol

ExplosivePotential says:

@DeviantAndi LOL I just read this… Thanks


@ExplosivePotential lol when i was in my moms stomach she said my dad put
his ear against her stomach and i kicked his head and it scared him XD

immerc1 says:

Hes probably will be a soccer player lol.. cute video

picklegurl123 says:

aw! how cute! but doesnt that hurt?

ExplosivePotential says:

@graydubs11 Why an idiot? My tattoo is fine. Went right back to normal =)

MJJbaby8291958 says:

baby just flippin in there

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