Baby Kicking Inside my Belly – INTENSE!!!

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This is my belly at 34 weeks. It felt like he was breakdancing or doing somersaults in there! And he pretty much does this all day everyday! 34 Weeks prego… 1/11/11


eloiseful says:

I remember when i was pregnant and my baby would do this, it felt very

DarkPhantom729 says:

God damn he’s doing pushups and situps like a boss, I bet you he’s doing
the insanity workout

casienicole94 says:

That was cute! Can’t wait for my little girl does that. All you can see is
little kicks

QTeddy7 says:

looks like its about to go through the scar lol

talleyjamira says:

That baby is mix I see your pic I’m mix to

jemillswifey says:


Solies1251 says:

I’m 31 weeks with my first :) Mine moves the same way, it’s just not so
obvious like yours. Show your little one this video when he/she grows up

AndreaNV88 says:

Aaaaahhh!!! It’s like that scene from “alien” hah that’s so awesome ate!

kglover92 says:

Wow! This is so cool!!!

1992DSkellington says:


Dan Nier says:

@ShawnandHyaNier ya ok.

mirsid420 says:


ShawnandHyaNier says:

@eloiseful Haha! Yeah, it feels funny. My OB calls him the wild child
because he wouldn’t stop moving!

1992DSkellington says:

I loved it

1992DSkellington says:


chans savilay says:

Lol omg! I’m like 27 weeks. It’s a boy! I feel him moving like that every
time I sit down or lay down. It tickles.

1992DSkellington says:


Katie says:

Im a mom of soon to be two kids and even though I thought it was really
entertaining when my babies did that inside me, all I could think was “Oh
no the aliens are trying to get out!”. So cute even when you can’t see

Rebecca Murphy says:

He looked like he was gonna pop right out your belley wow that was a hard
strong push he did lol.

CharmedCosmicGem78 says:

it’s such an amazing feeling isn’t it? when i was pregnant i would sit
there with my feet propped up just watch my son kick and move all around.
My biggest regret is that i never video taped it happening, i wish my son
would of got to see himself moving all around inside me. You’re so lucky to
have gotten this wonderful experience on film!

Tabitha Darnell says:

that was so cute that is exactly what my lil man does all day, Im having a
wild child myself lol so excited im due in a couple of weeks with my first,
:) wish me luck and good luck to you :)

MysticDiamond says:

Omg, its an alien!!!!! Lol I’m joking. That was awesome

babeliciouse says:

Did that hurt>

CarrieToPweety Pierson says:

omg its soooo cute tho but it look like it hurt sooo bad

tiffany moore says:

It dosent hurt when they kick you

lilnuku says:

Incredible….that kid is gonna have muscles when hes born!!..Awsome

ShawnandHyaNier says:

@recshopdan Aliens! Lol, not sure. I didn’t hear it when I was filming…
so weird. Maybe my cellphone??

Jennifer Sirovy says:

amazing thanks for sharing :)

nippysweetie3 says:

What’s with the chunky doll in the corner?!

Tara Murphy says:

I miss that feeling. They are strong little buggers lol.

honeymix99 says:

this makes me want to have a baby lol

Dan Nier says:

What’s that strange vibrating sound?

Kzee Dee says:


ShawnandHyaNier says:

@AndreaNV88 Haha.. thanks. It feels weird but I actually like it. =)

itsjustashley says:

Woah! Lol my baby moves a ton, but I can’t see it like that yet

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