Baby Kicking In the Belly – Life’s Miracles | 29 Weeks Pregnant

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Our Little Baby Girl going crazy in my tummy ♥
I have felt our little girl moving since I was 14 weeks pregnant. With every week that passes she gets stronger and moves more. I cant wait to meet her!

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Carla Feitosa says:

That your baby comes into the world with great health and be very blessed.

drica76 says:

I remember my first daughter moving and kicking in my belly, it was so
great. And now I’m 18 weeks pregnant and i’m starting to feel my baby girl
move again and it’s wonderful. I wish you all the best Florina!

boo bear esra says:

Awww so sweet first time I see baby kicking

Denisha Clark says:

She is so active: )

Lina Grin says:

OMG that was so beautiful I was fighting tears. Thank you for sharing!

Hanin Elawi says:

That is so nice I’m 5 months pregnant my baby do’s that too . Good luck and
best wishes 

Mathieu Leader says:

big movements and nice guitar renditon of its a wonderful world

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