Baby Kicking in Belly: 9 Months Pregnant

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YOU GUYS! I have crazy baby fever! I’ve been watching all the old videos of Lulu and Wilson…and I’m dying for another. You’ll have to forgive me when I post a few old videos…I can’t help it. Here is a VERY short one of Lulu kicking at about 9 months. It was such an incredible feeling; I want another!
Okay, that is all. :)
Thanks, guys!!!


Jalynn99 says:

Oh my gosh! That was incredible! I swear you were just in the hospital and
on bed rest getting ready to have Wilson :( ( I mean not like that was a
fun time for you or anything but seriously that seems like NOT that long
ago.. And Lulu was so little coming to see you. Oh gosh. yes You need
another little baby. You guys are the sweetest family ! xoxo

janet d'oliveira says:

Oh how I miss the days of being pregnant and feeling my babies moving
around! :)

allie dane says:

Tell Puddin to give in already! It’s not like he does any of the work
anyway! Lol!

2CuteGirlies says:

I miss being pregnant and feeling/watching all of those movements. Sadly,
there will be no more babies for me. 

Mikia Cotter says:

Oh my womb! How I miss those days. Desperately want another….damn that
early menopause!

maraJason1 says:

Have you guys decided you’re not having anymore for sure ? I subbed about a
year ago so sorry if you’ve answered this already :) 

Daymi says:

Love watching your family vids ☺ just wish you uploaded more often

Casey Williams says:


mulchen1902 says:

This is amazing! *_* i love it to watch your Videos they are so inspiring,
I can’t wait until I am pregnant!

Love xxx

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