Baby kicking in belly

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Tab Vlogs says:

Thank you! I love the name as well….I was suprised that my husband liked
the first name I picked out. lol ….When we were talking about boys names,
he shot down EVERY name I had. haha!

ppiixxiiee86 says:

omh yaaaaaaaaaaay,what a lil kicker!!! i LOVE the name gianna iv never hear
it before xx

Tab Vlogs says:

Thank you! =)

jcning says:

isn’t it a sweet feeling? I love my baby’s movement!

sassyassxxx83 says:

wow girl! ur gettin there!!! i bet ur excited!!! hell im excited for ya!!!!

Tab Vlogs says:

=) YES! =) Soo excited to meet her!! Yaaay!!!

Tab Vlogs says:

That is a beautiful name Jozelyn =) You don’t have much longer! Woo hoo!

Tab Vlogs says:

I know it. It is just the BEST! =)

Jesenia lopez says:

wow i was thinking of that name but instead i chose jozelyn and im 35 weeks
and i hae to put things on my belly so ppl can see ger move lol

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