Baby kicking at 16 weeks pregnant.

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Kriston Denning says:

Cell phone? Radiation to your unborn child…

Kimberley Lampi says:

@shayleeandbaby I think I sub you but if not I’m going too, yay preggo
buddies 😉

Nicole Burns says:

Is this your first pregnancy ?

kikillov3 says:

aww too cute i saw it jajaj !! im 14 weeks preg and i totally felt my baby
move the other day and not only felt my tummy did like ures did !!

Kimberley Lampi says:

@kikillov3 congrats, 😉 did you find out the sex yet?

Kimberley Lampi says:

@ttcbabypredictions thanks to your bracelet 😉

Kimberley Lampi says:

@182125 :)

182125 says:

It’s going to be a soccar player! Cute pajama pants.

shayleeandbaby says:

We are a few days apart! Let’s follow one another in the journey :)

ttcbabypredictions says:


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