Baby Kicking at 16 weeks 5 days

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KimSugar says:

Early kicks

veronica peredia says:

Was this your first baby?


Thats cute feeling

Amber TaylorRay says:

I'm 11 weeks I cant wait for this hehe

Tara Stockton says:

I’m 16 weeks and I can feel and see them through my stomach too

Quadeara King says:

I'm 15 weeks and felt my baby flutter at 10 weeks now he or she is moving more often!

geethu shyju says:

I am 18 wk prego but I have not feel any baby movement why…. this is my first pregnancy….pls replay me

Annakaye Miller says:

I'm not seeing any movements

Ashley Vincent says:

I'm 33 weeks and still can't even get a good video of my baby girl moving around….what the heck

Kayla Orozco says:

Oh shit its really kicking how cute

Didine Charles says:

I started feeling mine kick at 14 weeks. People say it’s too early but I felt it ♥️

Ahhh AH says:

I’m 15 weeks and I’m gonna try so hard to get my baby to kick lol! He/She’s a strong little one!

Delia Elton Putri says:

Wanna feel baby move inside my belly.. im 15 weeks now..

Ida Kelly says:

I'm 15 weeks and no movement like that yet and this is my 5th

Sammi Baldridge says:

Was this your first pregnancy? I am 17 weeks today and just started feeling the "quickening" it's my first. And when I place a water bottle upright on my belly, i can see it twitch and feel the kick along with it !!!

Karen Valkyrie says:

Thats freaking amazig*♡♡

Srishty Solanki says:

Cutipie so rha h preshan mt kro

Somkid Somwang says:

I'm 15 weeks been waiting for this to happen.

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