baby kick tummy belly 39 weeks 5 days

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Nolwenn LaPomme says:

I’m pregnant too, but i don’t really like feeling my baby moving inside of
me.. I’m little sad about it : / 

Emma Diva Official says:

Experiencing similar, so uncomfortable towards the end! Great experience,
though :)

Tatiana De Fernandez says:

Oh esa pancita como sse mueve cosita mas bella*-*

Galina Shabaev says:
Pearl the Princess says:


Myriam Ouellet says:

That is so wrong…

Nana Ntim says:

its Amazing

Noemi Enriquez says:

It wants to come out……

Tramaine_ livinthatfablife says:

that was scary but really funny

Valarie Mahmoud says:


KyLiera says:

Wow. People seriously need to grow up! I don’t think my daughter ever
stretched like that, but by the time she was that big, her stretches were
straight into my rib cage. Kinda fun to see, personally!

Lucy Lulu says:

i always wanted a baby but after watching this god my god :( it just ruined
it for me. it looks so creepy your skin moving like that. it reminds me of
the part of aliens vs predator whe the alien puts her eggs in the women in
the hoispital

Annalise Cowen says:

Oh wow, so she has a few stretch marks, big deal. Do you have any idea how
hard it is to prevent them, no matter how hard you try to look after
yourself. Quit being so ignorant.

tasyana finch says:

It’s creepy but child birth is beautiful

Freddy kruger says:

Its remind me about alien chest burg..

mirsid420 says:

Oh my gosh! Thats crazy ador

kevt222006 says:

Probably not as ugly as ur face right enough

FilthyFury says:

Aww, so cute!! I could never get it on camera…I always used to try but my
baby would just stop for forever as soon as I’d start recording.

jessica ebeling says:

omgg it would feel like a demon inside of me

planez72 says:

jeez she needs to shave her belly:0

Skare Croe says:

anyone else get the feeling of Alien?

mikeyy B says:

lol thats weeird

James Mills says:

Gee, that’s a pretty manky tummy.

Rudy M says:

Oh my god I didn’t no it could do that. I thought it just kicked..why did I
watch this O__O

LMFAOlexi12 says:


angel16mann says:


michaelharhi says:


jeffry portillo says:

Eww that’s gross

Hannah Sunshine says:

Ok… so I know the whole miracle of new life… its so beautiful yadda
yadda… but HOLY SHIT… That just looks… like… and with the whole…
I mean… I HAVE NO WORDS. Have to go hide under my quilt now…

kaysam24u says:


Isabella Marie Cordero says:

Omg! I cant wait to deliver my baby lol

bamccane says:

Uhh I was totally thinking the bra thing too. I wasn’t gonna SAY it lol,
but I did notice.

Crazyblah829 says:


Dodge Heavy Duty says:

Omg! Ow! Does it hurt?

rosio1975 says:

Does that hurt??

kevt222006 says:

@Sparvb ty and we are all great ty. :-)

Autumne Rayne says:

0.o so.. basically..when I get older.. and get pregnant… im gonna be able
to see.. my baby.. kicking my stomach….

boddahveryape says:

How rude. She does not have to wear a bra because you are uncomfortable or
it’s something you do. Keep your opinions to yourself.

XxmissMiddleEastXx says:

WOW this is scary

Charlotte says:


Zigz Zagz says:

Skin on that belly never going to be the same. It doesn’t have to be that
way, use vitamin e cream ladies.

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