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Im here to update you guys on my pregnancy ! Who’s excited?!?!?!

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Keren Swan



jessica webber says:

smug abortion

Kenia Cuellar says:

hello k and k ,, any name ideas?

talia michaela says:

you look beautiful!!!
how do you feel that you and Kyra are both pregnant and so close in due dates? when you and Khoa move, is ur mom going to live with you all? I know Khoa wants like 4 or 5 children, so are you going to try again shortly after little squish is born? Sorry for many questions, and I hope they aren't too personal or a bother…. have you read your letters from the p.o. box? I sent you a long letter but I'm not sure if you got it…. I mailed it right before you found out you're pregnant. You and Khoa were the 1st YouTuber I mailed something too!! if you didn't get my letter, I can mail you another one….

Jayde Akong says:

are you gonna name the new baby boy something with J cuz Jackson's name is with J?? Just curious

Cheyenne Buzzelli says:

Do story times

Ashley Boyer says:

I love you please reply!❤️✨

Julie Wagner says:

We love your family❤️❤️❤️❤️

raychel shields says:

I know you said no routines but I love watching cleaning routines! I think it would get you lots of views also. I would also like to see your updated makeup routine, or product empties video.

Sreeja says:

you can do rants, story times, make up videos, and other mommy boys

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