Baby inside belly

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Sofía Rodriguez says:

Awwww!! :3

Adrian Ivashkov says:



Stinkscheese says:

It’s like there’s an alien inside!

Stinkscheese says:

What a huge belly!

Roaajz says:

this absulotly brings tears to my eyes! just wow

Project-B says:

Our bodies are AMAZING! Has your baby visibly moved inside your tummy yet?
If you have not yet experienced it, watch this video for a sneak of what’s
to come! :-)

Snoozle - the awesome maternity slide sheet says:

Our bodies are AMAZING! Has your baby visibly moved inside your tummy yet?
If you have not yet experienced it, watch this video for a sneak of what’s
to come! :-)

Franky Marquez says:

Dam she fine. I’d tap tht ass all day

nicolasgdn65 says:

Not tryin to sound like a perve, but pregnant women are hella hot! lol.

berto7070 says:

Aw you could tell it was her foot :) my baby is starting to kick harder I
can’t wait to make out her body parts 😀

luvhate says:

Is crowded in there, the kid needs air 😀

Dominiquecfield says:

I got here from Tosh.0 too. Lol

TheMusketITuckedIt says:

The way this economies gonna for be the next few years, especially the job
market for young adults you’d be lucky to have a job, let alone one in your
career field.

luvya279 says:

It is a lil hard to believe as i only ever had this with my 4th pregnancy
and ive have 5 kids but 100% real x

Hannah83010 says:

That’s so sweet(:

jgsky says:

This baby is in sitting position….

bayamonrican says:

I”m 6 months now and I felt crazy moves but none like that…not yet at
least:) lol I dunno how people think it’s fake…You’ll be surprised the
kinda dance moves the baby can do inside there lolol

facelessidentities says:

O n O ; That’s fucking terrifying.

Lokoperuano5 says:


chrisco741 says:


Krystle Dela Merced says:


Bella Rose says:

how cute :))

TheMusketITuckedIt says:


ceej1980jeanne says:

@matthmatthmatth really? how old are you? how many babies have you had? the
kid really is in there and i see it happen in my own belly as i’m overdue 2
days now. maybe you aren’t old enough to be watching these videos you
immature child.

CrazyClara101 says:

That thing could perform its own C-section XD really cute so beautiful~

jaggle86 says:

my god is this what i have to look forward to??? wowie!

Catharine S says:

this video is adorable

Janene Nyliv says:

@nikki680510806 u say that now .. -_-

savetheearthkillme says:


P11nkP0w3R4ng3r says:

@matthmatthmatth Explain how this is fake??? B/c when i look at my Stomic
and this is Happening i dont think its FAKE.

babecat2000 says:

Baby is trying to find the way out.

FreemanJS91 says:

@lazanya722 It’s just a baby… -_-…

alejandra Tirado says:

@envyed92.. I miss it too especially when they move and kick :( I want
another bby !

fcentauri8 says:

first thought: reminds me of horror movies where parasites/aliens burst out
of the victims….it’s awesome tho, a person’s in there….

booempressnc says:

Ok.. if all of our mother’s were to think eww or wtf or no way am i ever
getting pregnant its gross.. none of us would be here today to sit back
look at this beautiful video of that baby in which I can clearly see his
little arm and say all these pathetic/stupid/ignorant comments instead of
saying “Life”. The same life that you have that your mother gave to u that
u dont want to lose.

Jason P says:

reminds me of that alien movie when an alien fucks you in the mouth and
lays eggs in you and them aliens are gonna bust up out of your shit

pamela o. says:

im 7 months pregnant and dat happens to me all da time wen i lay on my
side..that belly looks tooo big for jus 1 baby must be a big baby..congrats

simpson5092 says:

you sure it’s not babies? lol

xlov3bugx says:


Jeff Taylor says:

let me out!!!!!!! , o man this video is amazing

Chelsea Castaneda says:

And I thought my baby was strong. Omg. His rib shots must kill.

Sowmya Baskaran says:

OMG….we carry people like this and we end up saying this that

Kiara Colon says:

cute!!! I never took any videos of my son moving in my belly…wish I had

Dorci says:

oh my god , fake?? have you ever been pregnant? No? then you should just
keep your mouth shut, befor you say something icredibly stupid.

Starlightpoint says:

Jeesh!!! How many babies are in there?

JilliBelle says:

Fuck that I’m getting spayed.

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