Baby Food Taste Test (Too Funny!)

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Watch baby Griffin test five all natural, homemade baby foods:

1. Avocado banana
2. Carrot butternut squash
3. Pear
4. Banana
5. Carrots

Which one won the taste test? Which lost? Watch the video to find out! Pregnant? Check out my baby registry checklist:

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Genevieve ,


Mom and Mii Innovative Baby Products says:

Have you seen this? Only $7.99

Banana Zockt says:

Das arme baby

ces't Sur Homme says:

From the expressions, of course, coming from a complete stranger, the baby hated all of it.

Lindsay Patton says:

If its your babies first time, giving babie, solid food, only start with one, like – pear – banana or apple, and only that food for a few days or even a week then maybe go to a veggie, and then once they have tried at least one new flavor each week for 4 food so for 4 weeks, you can start mixing and matching what they like.

Lindsay Patton says:

Its kinda pointless to say this now, since he would be like 3 or 4 now, but when starting with first foods, you dont want to mix foods, just stick with one fruit or veggie, and you want to start with something sweet, like apple, or banana, and really dont want to start with mixed foods, until 2nd food, 1st foods need to be kept simple, for your babies taste buds and the tummies, this goes for homemade foods and jarred foods.

p.s only give them prunes if there constipated 

MySambo89 says:

What a cutie!

Lilia Welsh says:

Ahhh. Brings back memories. My mom always mixed banana and avocado together for me :)

Eva Muir says:

bib wins yay

Chemicalkinetics says:

banana wasn't 1 out 10. He seemed quiet happy.

Lashara Jackson says:


Andres F says:

who said this was funny, this is stupid

YurisMovingCastle says:

Look at those cheeks!

Reza Putra says:

Haha… So funny.

Ender-Chan says:

Avacado banana…ewww.

arianna corraliza says:

he is cute
aw he

Katherine jassi says:

Griffin is soooooo darn cute, I mean like mega cute lol and the face he makes with the banana and avocado is priceless. I cant wait for my buba to start trying food lol still got a few months to go still for that.

DanyellLavender says:

This is way too cute

Hannah Blessed says:

he is so adorable , my little one wants breastmilk most of the time

Hannah Blessed says:

my 8.5 month old loves breastmilk, she was picky first and now slowly she is starting to eat solids, but wants breastmilk most of the time, at what month you introduce finger foods to Griffin? she still eating pureed food bc she gags when i but foods into small pieces.

Blissfulone82 says:

He is just too darn cute!!!

Hannah Blessed says:

i have not yet introduced fruits to my little one yet but i will be introducing all fruits individually before mixing them up

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