Baby Doll Magic Potty Training Poops & Pees Nenuco Baby Girl Diaper Potty Time Toy Toilet Toy Videos

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This Baby Born doll is a lovely baby boy doll toy that drinks and wets, bebé hace pipí, e ba la pipi, hace pis, e baz xi-xi, et bait pipi. You can also change her diapers. It’s like a real baby!

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Kids Bus Surprise says:

It!s pretty interesting! :)

deena ramjaliroka says:

. Kíkiikill

Keisha Lewis says:

is that doll a boy or girl

Libertina's voice says:

ПИЗДЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЦ! Дети, играйте унитазами, какашками, смотрите на письки. Господи. в моем детстве такого не было.

Lena Saxonia says:


Vida Cristal Fuentes Barbosa says:

nao gostei por que adulto fazendo video de boneca e muito chato e nao tem nada ver

allah akbar says:

Orido an ahri lo3ba

Hani Yukumi says:

oh my god..this is like a real baby and it will look creepy for kids maybe hahahahaha not for me I want to buy it LOL

Emma 97050 says:

tbh… taht doll is creepy

Emma 97050 says:

How did i get here O.O this video made me want to pee…-

Ayouya 28092004 says:

Totally fake like look at the size of the poop and how she can do this whitout having anything inside this is insane

Julia Rabee says:




marina nassif says:

seriously again move your hands away from that discusting thing wtf

Champ Swatman says:

too many details

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