Baby Daddy Drama – The Pregnancy Vlogs

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My name is Karen. I’m 15 and pregnant. This is my YouTube channel where I will be documenting everything I go through during and after my pregnancy. If you’d like to follow me along on this tough, but exciting road, hit the subscribe button and never miss a video.


Samantha Villagran says:

damn I honestly think its cruel for a women to not let him see his kid or to keep him away. sometimes you have to put away your own issues and just have a positive energy not for you for the kid. Even if you guys are not meant for each other. you are going to be around each other lives for a long time. honestly you don't sound mature enough. he doesnt sound good for you but I think that its important for a father to be around his kid. the communication should be between you to , the relationship is between you too, why are you involving your mothers. you decided to have sex and be parents. I'm sorry you have to go through all this at such a young age. you cannot change a man at all, and its good to walk away but not for the kid to walk away from his father

soaringtractor says:

AN immature Mexican bitch with a teenage smart ass attitude !!! This is what happens when teen have babies !!!! Boy is this bitch in for a rocky ride through life !!! Life is one hell of a teacher !!!

Joy Blaylock says:

You go girl!!!

mybadcomp says:

Bla Bla Bla, when you turn 14 then talk. God your annoying!

Aimee Snipes says:

I literally love all your videos

celene trinidad says:

Get it girl. Fuck the sperm donor. I'm very proud of you for not aborting your baby. I'm proud of the fact that you stuck to your word under pressure. Best wishes xxx

Abigail Wright says:

girl ur strong …uve earned my respect

The BlankMan1234 says:


Audra Nicole says:

he's just the baby daddy not Father

Audra Nicole says:

ok I understand you because I didn't get it be used I was like why don't you have him help but he's a piece of trash like his whole family is a piece of trash but I think you guys should try to work it out for your son 

Haly Terry says:

i fucking love you lol

ChubbyUnicorn22 says:

We had someone reach out to us to raise their baby due to them being a teen mom and my husband and I are in our 30s. It never happened she backed out. Btw if u ever think of abortion on any future children plz look into adoption. ;)

savannah ortiz says:

I have so much strength to go thro all that alone …ur so strong

faith beden says:

i love your videos you are a strong video

Ashley Rom says:

You are a very strong mother, I respect that. Don't see that a lot in other mother's. But I know that there are some like you. Appreciate what you do! (:

Far Queue says:

Mother has Issues.. Poor Baby

ShaniaMarie Vlogs (Nia's Life) says:

Love all your video's, & I'm in the same kinda situation sucks but shit happens.. it's life right..? -_-

Tinkaaa Pink says:

Yep, I understand now…Baby Daddy is a jerk!!!! 

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