Baby COMING OUT? 9 Months Pregnant Mom! Watch BELLY MOVE!

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Baby moving a LOT inside mom at 9+ months. Ready to POP OUT. Leave a comment and tell which part was your favorite move. Lots of moves… All I can say is – Wow… wow.. lol.

The amazing thing about this baby moving around inside my wife’s womb is that my wife has about 4% body fat here, so you can see every little movement. Being from the USA, I’ve seen my aunts and other people’s pregnant belly move around, but when the mother has 35% body fat, there’s a big difference! This baby looks like she is popping out – coming out now!

We have had an unbelievable number of views of this funny video. Hope they continue. We answer all comments, so leave some if you want!

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Marvellous Marva says:


Chantel Bourgeois says:

I’m seven almost eight months pregnant and my baby moves like this all the
time haha it is the oddest sensation ever but amazing for sure :) love how
noticeable the movements were it’s amazing to capture that on video- you
could tell your little one wanted out lol congrats 

Natalie Leroux says:

So what was that big thing at 1:19? A foot, leg, arm? My friend was wicked
thin so her baby rolled over and you could see the impression of her little
fanny. I never saw or really felt any of this when I was pregnant. My
placenta was in front of the baby, so the doctor said that placenta
buffered all of the movement. 

YolaUnderscore Yolanda says:

its really amazing but looks really weird at the same time…not looking
forward to falling preggies

MonGamesAndRandomVideos!!! says:

We all knew karate at one time

Victor Puruganan says:


pfreeze29 says:

The baby doest like her laying on her back!!! My baby gets wild when i am
laying on my back, he likes the left side…lol

Court Tony says:

It’s such an awesome experience! We’re on baby #3(due dec7th) and that
feeling never gets old :) 

lucita_studio_ghibli_films says:

it look painful :T

Alexandra Padilla says:

Too cute I want another baby now

passdedutch says:

why is there a huge line going down her stomach ? she looks like shes about
to pop , amazing though

melissa122ful says:

Does it hurt when the baby moves around??

Amanda Forester says:

OK I Do not won’t to have s e x

Linda Weaver says:

Wow, that probably feels amazing! Babies have a way of being so adorable
even while inside the womb.

ANUSHA singh says:

Wow bby is very active amazing.

Jonathan K says:

But what about the birds and the bees..?

Amanda Marie says:

so beautiful 

RandomGirlUSA ᵞᵒᵘᵗᵘᵇᵉʳ says:

… my blood spilled out since I was 11,now im 12. Wow,im scared to think
about having sex………

Lauren Lucas says:

Lol cute

Mckayla Perez says:

Beautiful :)

JustCallMeKeebler says:

Very nice video! (Except for all of the pop ups you put on it). I miss
those sensations of the baby moving and kicking and flipping. 

nicole costa says:

my auntie said it hurts , does it hurt? omg i always wanted to be mom but
after i started watching this kinda videos im scared xD

TheLondonCyclist says:

This is crazy. Great video.

ang hern says:

Congrats on your baby!!! :) Cute video…

sajida abbasi says:

look amazing ,it feel really good to feel some thing moving inside,i am 26
week and i am noticing movements.

miltonmarie says:

Uummm…My cousin is a natural professional bodybuilder and when she is an
competition season she diets down to 5 to 6%. Your wife might be small but
she’s definitely not a 4% body fat.

Teenmum2013 says:

Wow haha 

Emily Jane leighton porter says:

wow that is amazing

Francoise Therese Botecario says:

The baby comes out ??

Brenda Morales says:

So wonderful 

Puput Sofia says:


Stacey Tanningz says:

I’m 25 weeks pregnant my baby moves all over my bladder I’m scared to feel
that kind of movement I might pee myself D:

Monyek Kat says:

That was incredible 😀 can’t wait till im 9 months old pregnant with my
little one :D. Im currently 6months.

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