Baby Chell's First Steps!

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What a CRAZY week!!! We spent some time at our happy place, Beach Lake, and Chell took her first legit steps!

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We are Cory & Kristen Williams and in August 2014 we made the long drive from Southern California to our new home in Eagle River, Alaska. Here we’ve had the chance to explore beautiful Alaska, experience wild events, meet great people and endure some extreme temperatures. In December 2014 we got engaged under the Northern Lights after our Polar Plunge and later got married by our favorite lake on May 23rd, 2015. Then on June 23rd, 2016 we had our first child, a baby girl named Chell Marie.
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S Shore says:

My parents took me out in a canoe when I was like 1… we dumped out and had to swim to shore…. glad that didnt happen to you 😀

Aryca Wiesen says:

yes, he loves you enough to pull your chin hair!

Ravish Raj says:

Baby chell making shaolin monk poses.

Zoella Fan says:

rewatching your videos. all the love from the Philippines!

Gacha Duckie says:

cory will be brave enough

MagdaH97 says:

I really wanna know what that music in the background is…

ACGreyhound04 says:

Chell is such a sweet, happy little baby!!!

Oksana Knighton says:

Her first step is amazing

Chelsea says:

8:29 Boi XDDD

alma flejoles says:

Cute Baby :)

stormyweather rain says:

I love your video;s. The are pure and no nonsens. You are a sweat beautiful couple.

Melenia Lerczak says:

I have one side chin hair!

Mia and Roy channel says:

give her lemon

Melissa L says:

Why did you change your channel name?

Bernadette Chun says:

yes he will pull it out no problem lol. my hubby does it for me too

Mae Mae says:

Its kind of embarrassing but I get some wild hair under my chin once in a blue moon and I have to get my fiance to pluck it for me because its hard for me to see but hey that's true love to me u know u found a great guy when he will pull ur wild hairs for you with no complaining lol

Kristinapedia says:

I seriously can't get enough of your videos. lol

F H W says:

yes I bet he will

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