Baby-care Tips and Info for New Moms from Texas Health Resources

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Helpful information from Texas Health Resources for new moms and dads on caring for their newborn baby after returning home from the hospital.

We’re going to share with you some important information to help you adjust to changing priorities and demands on your time.

Let’s get started as you and your newborn really get to know each other and establish a routine.

The information here is general in nature and not a substitute for the advice and medical care from your healthcare professional. If your Pediatrician recommends different instructions that are specific for your baby, please follow his or her advice.

Your baby’s follow-up appointment with the Pediatrician usually comes 2-14 days after your discharge from the hospital depending on how long you’ve been in the hospital, your baby’s weight and other factors. At that time, your Pediatrician will track your baby’s growth and development along with weight gain, jaundice, and feedings.

Other information in this video includes details about:

-Bulb Syringe
-Weight Loss
-Sleep Patterns
-Diaper Rash/Skin Care
-Bathing Baby
-Cord Care
-Circumcision Care
-Taking Baby’s Temperature
-Shaken Baby Syndrome
-Car Seat Safety
-Sudden Infant Death -Syndrome (SIDS)
-Newborn Screening
-Hearing Screening
-When to Call Pediatrician

Texas Health Resources


Dacie Van Dyke says:

i want the delivery to be me and my boyfriend only, the second or third day i want visitors.

Kassandra Danika says:

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MzVan21 says:

great video

Afrah Rasheed says:

FGM and male circumcision should not be comparable. Different genders, different issues. 

Erica Stafford says:

this was ALOT of information

Ravichandran Chandra says:

The nurse in this video did the TCB on a baby who is under the photo therapy light. This is absolutely wrong.

sharonpoetry says:

Helpful video! I got a 2 week old baby

Santana Allen says:

I follow the bible..

Charlette Hernandez says:

What a beautiful chunky brown baby awwww!

Charlette Hernandez says:

I am 14 weeks, I just like to watch these videos because my baby is now 6 and in Kindergarten so I am starting over. My oldest is 14 years old, and my oldest son is 9. I am basically starting all the way over again but its so worth it. As for circumcision, if I have a boy he will NOT be circumcised hubby and I both agree on this. :)

Blair Aria Van der Kamp says:

when she did & as a result of that she can NEVER have children!!! How the hell do you think that makes her feel?? Her own mother allowed her to go through such a HORRIBLE ordeal that nearly killed & has rendered her infertile.. it's a backward, sexist & inhumane practice! Do NOT compare what is not comparable!! I didn't even mention how they suffer on their wedding night!! Can you imagine how painful it is to have your vagina forced open by your husband's penis after it was sewn shut for years?!

Blair Aria Van der Kamp says:

GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT before you talk!!! While at university I watch several documentaries on female genital mutilation & it is waaaaaaaay more invasive!! Also sometimes they even go as far as sewing up everything only leaving her the ability to pee. They interviewed a girl in her 20s who said she was got extremely sick as a result & had to be rushed to the hospital. The drs said that she was having her period but because it couldn't come out she got sick & could have died if she hadn't come

Blair Aria Van der Kamp says:

a little slip?? women do your research!!!! It's a HORRIBLE thing that happens to girls & some die as a result!!! They cut off the whole clitoris & sometime some or all of the labia also not to mention all of this is done with ZERO anesthesia with a piece of glass or a razor!!!

bookofsnow says:

Honestly you said it's a personal choice and then you outlined that there are many types to choose from. At NO point do you mention that it's an option to take the baby home INTACT, why?

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