Baby Bump Belly Painting Timelapse – Captain America's Shield Art

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I hope you enjoy this baby bump painting I did with Manou who is 8 months pregnant! It was really awesome to feel the baby kicking while we did this Captain America belly painting timelapse. Stay tuned until the end where we give the baby a little extra flair!

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Deathmammal says:

Damn, Im glad I came back

Edge Games says:

Who ever gave this a dislike should go screw themself.Jody you arw the frikkin you♥️♥️♥️

Theekholms says:

That was Amazing!

ZeroSubs says:

Is it confirmed a boy? because if its a girl..

Peanut Lizard says:

America’s baby.

Shellbug says:

You rock jody!!

JAXvlogs fail flicks says:

I'm confused is this America's baby

Bobcat1963 says:

Awesome work Jody, As I always say I love you :)

Ethan Aleman says:

Babies are the best says a father of five.

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