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kangsan2014 says:

How much does it cost in the US for an ultrasound? Also why is it necessary to drink a lot of water before an ultrasound?

Jeetu Solanki says:

she is girl or boy

Jeetu Solanki says:

hi dear my baby s hertbit 168

Earls Family Vlogs says:

Crazy!–We are thinking about doing this to see our baby boy!

annabel Kennedy says:

soon I have baby boy Jonathan Joshua cabiara Kennedy…………

Renzo909 says:

That lasagña looks crisp

Carlos Prosperi says:

Totally not worth it, we did it at week 24, standard ultrasound looks better … I feel our ginecologist just stole 240 dollars from us . Maybe it will be different for you

Adi Zabkar says:

Amaizing. I found this

Adi Zabkar says:

Amaizing. I found this

Llanely Lopez says:

How many weeks were you

Will will says:

que video tan mal grabado…

Francisco Torres says:

how many weeks were u ?

daughterofKing1 says:

this little bitch shoulf be spsnked! spoiled bratt. you americans are psychos really, why didn't you bring all your neighbourhood with you?!

daughterofKing1 says:

this bratt of your daughter is obnoxious and bad behaved. terrible!

laura caldera says:

You have a wonderful family every body was there happy to see the new baby :)

Karen McNeill says:


Brianna dawne says:

So lucky he cooperated. Haha you and I are due the same day. I went last week and all he wanted to do was look at my back so I got to see the back of a cute head lol. Hoping next week he will cooperate because these packages aren't cheap lol.

ILoveCupcakes says:

When is he due? I'm getting baby brother soon and I think you and my mom are around the same time

Catie Mason says:

That is so stinking adorable

Gina Dillon says:

Awe he is beautiful! He looks just like his Daddy!

linda nash says:

it's amazing how far these ultrasounds have come since I was pregnant 21 years ago. back then, you had to have a trained eye to understand what you were looking at.

Serenity Marie says:

you and david created some beautiful children

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