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Meet a baby girl who arrived three and a half months early. Find out how the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit developed a special plan to help baby Monica grow and thrive.


Andrew Anderson says:

my child was born at 23 weeks. She had PVL, ROP, NEC, and ecoli. They said she would die. To learn more about preemies and to share your story visit it is my blog I created a platform for preemie parents to learn, blog, and share. Thanks. God Bless

Fiery Ocelot says:

Is 26 weeks second or third trimester because I dont know

Sucharita Chatterjee says:

It looks so cute and sweet baby and blessings to you baby . Thanks also to parents.stay blessed baby.

A. Rose says:

First son was born at 27 weeks and weighed under 2 pounds. He's a healthy, beautiful 13 year old now by the grace of God and the skill of the NICU nurses and doctors. It's so scary, but keep the faith!

20Chapters says:

Born at 23 weeks, and now 3 yrs old. Check out Drea’s story of how her daughter was born prematurely and is now a miracle to this world!!!

Madeline Johnson says:

Premies might “look” normal but their brains can have issues. Just saying. Please stop getting pregnant if you can’t even carry a baby full term

Juanita says:

I was only 2 pounds and my head was about the size of a cat's head I was born. Even spent my first Christmas in the hospital

Aleena Healy says:

She is so cute

Marissa Wilson says:

I feel for her

Rasha Allawi says:

Ya know what i was born 1 month early

Boss YEET says:

I was born 23 weeks and apparently I had to stay at the hospital for 8 months

Salome SalomeDzonzi says:

God is great .
. thanks to the doctors also

Shawne Harmer says:

My granddaughter was born 15 weeks early. Weighed 1lb 12 ounces but went down to 1lb 6 ounces. Had two bleeds on the brain and had 20 cm of bowel removed. She has lung disease and needs inhalers, she also wears hearing aids.
She is now 11 and going to high school this year. She has even picked out what job she wants. A coder. What ever that is. She’s happy and mostly healthy. What I’m saying is, it doesn’t matter where you start, it’s where you finish. My granddaughter proves that.

Hamsalekha Suresh says:

I delivered to my little princess in 26 weeks on Feb 28 .2015 but after one day it was a bad news to me tat princess s no more…..

Ali Salman says:

Humri doctr ny care nahi ki humry bety ko oxejan mil jati taim pr tu wo humko chod k kabhi na jata wo bhoka gya dunia se

alicia decourte says:

my baby was born at 24 weeks 4 days and by the grace of GOD he is alive and well prayer is the best medicine he is still in the nicu he is coming along good

Symone Love says:

Beautiful baby

Abby and Ethan says:

my Baby was born at 24 weeks :( he is now 11 weeks old still in nicu he is ok now but he was very poorly twicw in the first 3 weeks :(

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