Baby Belly Progression: 4 to 42 Weeks – Huge Pregnant Belly!

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A montage of my belly shots from 4 weeks pregnant through 42 weeks pregnant.
Pre-pregnancy weight: 134 lbs
Weight on day of induction: 165 lbs

Pregnant belly progression.

F a c e b o o k |

I n s t a g r a m | 22anewbeginning47

B l o g s p o t |

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Artist: Josh Woodward
Song used: Don’t Close your Eyes (Instrumental)
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Jena Welliever says:

her belly button dow at 38 weeks it is huge

Kaylee Brown says:

why did your stomach get so big sorry not trying to be mean I think it was beacuse. 42 weeks

Kaylee Brown says:

are you having triplets

Amber Miller says:

I like the video idea I and doing pics and making them into a video! I'm a little over 27 weeks.. not quite 28 weeks yet! I love how you carried!! you have a beautiful form… Congratulations

Ladida386 says:

I don`t know why I`m looking at this, I`m single AF. :(

Ruby Zarza says:

What were the circles on your hips? I wish I would have taped my kids moving around inside like that.


mother life is very happy life

Kimberly Coria says:

I'm about 8 weeks now and i still don't have a bump

Jake Unger says:

I don't get it!

MsWonderful318 says:

Amazing video…

Ania Jania says:

;/ alien

Lexi Baldwin says:

at 7 weeks you can start to tell that she is pregnant congrats

Sanita Fridrihsberga says:

bhxclb. j xhl vkj hn xnn jmbkc

Crystal Wright says:

is it twins?

Crystal Wright says:

at 20 weeks u wouldnt think shes 20 weeks

Ellie Christian says:

Baby girl and boy

Waple Francois says:

OMG your belly is huge

Carri Ard says:

Your belly button sticks out a lot

Meow Kitty says:

This is so cute :)

shutupwhen youretalkingtome says:

I love these videos. you should have shown the baby at the end that's what I was waiting for! :)

Kanlayanapim Menman says:

I'm soso

Noah Szwagulak says:

Are pregnant bellies hard. It sounds weird I know but it looks harder that a regular stomach

Victoria Larrinúa says:

I liked your video, so an amazing experience! I was feeling kinda sad bc now at my 39 week some stretch Marks start to appear and makes me feel bad with low self esteem, I know is totally normal but still… now I'm just hoping to have my little baby into my arms and feeling better, greetings from Mexico!

allan farrow says:

what are those things that u were pointing at ?

Kimberly mendoza says:

Your belly button!!!!!awwww

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