BABY ALIVE Eats Drinks Pees Poops GROSS Giant Surprise Toy Changing Diaper Doll Naiah Elli

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Hi everyone! Baby Alive gets messy and gross when the doll Baby All Gone eats, drinks, then goes to the potty and poops a green veggie smoothie in her diaper. Naiah and Elli had a ton of fun playingwith and feeding the Baby Alive. They learned how to change a diaper filled with baby doll poop. Baby Alive also went to the potty which she said was really gross and messy. We had a great family fun time with this BabyAlive Doll!


Wes Rodman says:


Shenaiah McIntosh says:

fake poo! it's not really babby alive talking

zhanna and bianca says:

When she ate it the pudding of the table it was so cute

Emeline AKitty says:

She even stick her hand in her privet part



WarriorCats 652 says:

I was eating lol

Samuel Micelus says:

baby alive how could you pe on your owners

Samuel Micelus says:

did you girls enjoy changing your baby alives dipers

Amal Alhussain says:

It's not poop it is chocolate



Stephanie Snelgrove says:

ew you and I'll put a shirt onesie

Diane Nelson says:

actually Dayna I really like your videos can I be in one

Reef Boltwood says:

oh Jesus wth was that. I think the baby needs niarocyle or somthing

‫هاجرعلي علي. جنان. احمد موسى هاجر‬‎ says:

ولو ما في الذكرى السنوية الثانية اختار غرض معين غد الأربعاء جلالة الملك عبدالعزيز

Strictly ThickMe says:

They should give every school kid 1 of these dolls. I guarantee teen pregnancies will drop overnight, once they realise how gross and time consuming babies really are. LOL, loved this, even though it weirded me out a little :)

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