Babies Learn To Walk For The First Time Compilation

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Welcome to the Pew Baby. Their cuteness is about to rule the whole planet so we’d better watch out! If you are Babies lovers, you are in the right place. Pew Baby is where you can love and live with babies from all over the world. Make sure to hit the small red button called “Subscribe” to get more videos about them.
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Pew Baby says:

Have a nice week. Wait to see more new videos on Pew Baby everyday <3

Stomach Acid says:

I couldn't walk until I was like 2 years old :l

Luke #7957 says:

I was pretty lazy when I was a baby all I really did was sit in my crib and watch cartoons and play with my toys I think I started walking when I was like two I'll have to ask my dad

Joan Merrill says:

Get rid of the walkers .

Friendly Bhai says:

I am angry with u

Nico Thomas says:

So I will not be buying that walker. lol.

Best Reactions says:

Hello! nice to meet you guys who love you baby here <3333

磯野優子 says:


Hilarious Fails says:

The babies are priceless gifts that God gives us. Love baby

Occam’s Razor says:

2:25 best parent reaction

Occam’s Razor says:

1:36 the Gerber baby

Japan's Funniest Videos says:

oh… 1:34 is my brother when we were small

Nikkie Du Plooy says:

1;34 kid pulling down his pants

Анастасия Попова says:

За маленькими детьми очень интересно наблюдать они такие милые

hana alshather says:

الله بحفظكم حبايبي

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