At Home Workout 10-Minutes Full Body | Nap Time Postpartum Workout, Post Pregnancy Safe Exercises

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Try this postpartum workout after you’ve been cleared to exercise post baby. This is also a great low impact workout for beginners.

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Hi, I’m Sarah, a new mom, personal trainer and health nut! I upload new videos every Tuesday. Be sure to subscribe :)

This postnatal workout focuses on the entire body, core, abs, butt, back and arms. Post pregnancy workouts are safe to do once you have been cleared by your doctor to exercise. If you have postpartum fitness question especially regarding a post baby belly or postpartum belly, leave a comment and check out my other postpartum workout videos.

10 minute Postpartum Workout #1 –

Postpartum Ab Workout – Diastasis Recti Safe –


Magnolia Devera says:

It's safe exercise if ever I'm pregnancy

Kings Pasture says:

this video makes me dizzy, you moving me moving the camera moving. i had to watch anoher channel. wanting to learn from you, you seem sweet

Monica Sree says:

I have diastasis recti gap, can I do these exercises

Laura M says:

When i was doing the heel taps, my lower back was making a shallow crack. Like if my bones are out of place. Is that normal? I am 7 weeks postpartum

AmyLiz801 says:

That was perfect. I'm two months pp, and I tried it last night and was only able to complete half of the workout. Tonight I was determined to do the whole thing. Thanks!

Mama Does It says:

Thank you so much for this. I have a three year old and a 9 month old (suprise baby). I have always been athletic (competitive dancer/cheerleader and wrestler, gymnastics coach etc). Not to mention, I'm alost 40. But this second baby really did a number on my body and my confidence. Not being able to "get right back at it" has been so difficult. I really enjoyed this workout. Thanks again!

Briana Briggs says:

Thank you!!!! I did it!!! Woo!! Time to get abs again. 6 week appointment was today! Yaass

Read with Elena says:

Thank you! I love the pace!

Samira Verma says:

is it okay to feel sore in the abdominal area and back after these workouts. My entire body is so sore. I just want to make sure i'm doing them right.

Samira Verma says:

should we do about 2-3 sets of these to see results or just the one set?

AndAllThatHair says:

I gave birth 8 weeks ago and this was my first attempt at working out. I found it just right. I just did one set today but after another 2-4 days I’ll try kicking it up to two.

Ss cc says:

Subscribed . I just had baby number 2 . Exercise has never been a part of my daily routine. I am very petite, after baby number 2 I would like to build some strength, and add exercise to my daily life. Thanks for the video. Will be attempting this soon. 8 weeks postpartum. Request the more postpartum videos on building strength please☺️. Hoping to get strong, not loose weight

Alexis Shook says:

Hi, are postpartum works good for beginners that struggle with ab strength to begin with? I have trouble with my sciatic, I am told by physical therapists that lack of ab strength can be the cause. I am also looking to loose about 20- 25lbs. I am a 23 year old working college student as well so time is a bit of a issue. I do carry a lot of weight in my mid section and upper body.
Thanks in advance for any advice!
Love your videos.

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