Arab coalition launches offensive in Yemen

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Saudi Arabia’s allies have joined the country’s ‘Decisive Storm’ bombing operation in Yemen. The operation is aimed at Houthi rebels who have taken over Yemen, bringing the Middle Eastern country to the brink of civil war. Ameera David takes a deeper look at the conflict and what US officials are prepared to do.

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RT America says:
Kenzofeis says:

Would this have anything to do with the Suez canal route somehow..?

Lex says:

That’s all you have to say about this? Oil prices not going up?

harveybirdmannequin says:

Murica is already involved in this one. Great. More war.
Saudi Arabia really ought not be going to war. Not a day goes by where the
Saudi monarchy is not afraid of their people overthrowing them and
rightfully so. It is an absolute monarchy that brutalizes its people and
only survives with the aid of Murica.

Eric Smith says:

In a greater context, this is the Wahabi Sunni versus Shia religious war.
It was bound to happen sooner or later. In Syria and Iraq the conflict is
also between Shia and Sunni populations, it’s along religious lines. The
more interesting events will unfold when the shia inside Saudi Arabia start
revolting. Then you can say good bye to exported oil from the Ghwari oil

am231euy says:

Saudi’s money is buying all those states’ armies and turning them into
mercenaries that works for the Saudi petro-$

Shan Majeed says:


Richard Schrader says:

Americans don’t want to be anti-Semites, which means JOINING SUNNI ZIONISM
and being their servants.

What will American’s vote? Sunni-Republican or Sunni-Democrat? Don’t worry,
Sunni-Zionism will come first, second, and third, no matter who wins…

what is good for Sunni-Zionism is ‘good enough’ for merica

Carpe Diem says:


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