April’s Tummy Tuck Scar update one year Nov2012

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Tummy tuck has some discoloration – not to happy about that. But still don’t regret my Mommy Make Over decision!! :)
Mommy Makeover
Restore Desired Figure and Confidence
The Mommy Makeover
A new procedure, known as the Mommy Makeover, is quickly gaining popularity among women in the Pacific Northwest.
Restore body back to its pre-pregnancy condition
The most common patient is between 23 and 48 years of age, who has already had one or more children. Liposuction, breast lifts, augments and tummy tucks– alone or in combination — are key procedures of this new post-pregnancy restoration. These women want to recapture what their bodies looked like before their first pregnancy.
Most patients come in after having two or more children
They often have stretched abdominal wall muscles and loose skin that hasn’t bounced back as much as they’d like. Even with exercise, these patients are unable to regain a nice flat tummy.
A popular combination is a tummy tuck along with breast surgery
Abdominal surgery alone takes approximately two hours, whereas a breast augmentation to correct deflation from nursing or pregnancy takes less than one hour, or two hours when combined with a lift. Liposuction and labiaplasty can also be part of the mix.
Before performing multiple procedures we consider the patient’s health and overall weight and body mass index
In overweight patients, presenting a high risk of complication, we will split up the procedures. Mommy Makeovers are incredibly popular in my practice, in general, we’re seeing a whole new wave of mothers desiring to maintain their physical appearance. They have dedicated themselves and their time completely to their children, now it’s about them wanting to feel better.

Despite being active and exercising

There are certain things these patients cannot achieve on their own. Call Dr. Jensen today for a Mommy Makeover consultation.

1353 East McAndrews Road
Medford, Oregon 97504 Contact Us:
Phone 541-770-6776
Toll Free 800-681-6776
Be sure to mention April M Miller referred you. This is the doctor who performed my Mommy Makeover. And I have no complaints. As you can see from my viedos here on you tube. Subscribe/ share/ comment below with questions and hit the main green thumbs up if all of this helps. :) Which is why I started these videos to help educated, inform and encourage if your ready to get your body back!!!!  
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Tummy Tuck 
Tummy tuck Scar 
How to cover up Tummy Tuck Scar 
Mommy makeover
Tummy tuck and breast augmentation at the same time 
How long does it take to heal from tummy tuck ?
How long does it take to heal from breast augmentation?
How long does it take to heal from boob job? 
Does a tummy tuck hurt? 
How much does a boob job cost? 
How much is a breast augmentation? 
How much is a Tummy tuck? 
How much is a mommy make over?

Tummy Tuck
Mommy Make Over
Tummy Tuck Scar


The Leon says:

Or for people who wish to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks…do not be to
quick to judge.

Alecia Rodriguez says:

Tummy tucks are for people that are too lazy to workout. Now you have to
deal with a scar..WOW!!

Vicky B says:

Ur results are amazing do u mind sharing Ur before look??

Captured By Daisy says:

How about the bellybutton can you tell the doctor if you want it small?
like oval shape?

Natasha Mosby says:

it looks pretty good to me it looks like its fading

abigail Delaney says:

I am going in for a tummy tuck in about a month. I am nervous excited as
I’m sure you were. Love your videos! How after the surgery until I can get
my belly button pierced? 

Cedon Dove says:

Your scare should certainly be below your panty line, and your belly button
should be much smaller. I don’t this this was a good job, but if you’re
happy… cool!

abigail Delaney says:

I am also a dancer… How long till I can feel good enough to go back to
work? I was planning for a month. Do you think that is long enough?

g balo says:

its supposed to be below the panty line 

Nicole Kornegay says:

Love it that your so positive

Samantha Franklin says:

Who did you see for a doc that did the tummy tuck?

Sandra Rutherford says:

Hi April slated for tummy tuck thru Baja Med end of April, where did you
have yours done and I was quoted 10000, is this about right, you look

Patrick Creel says:

By far the best tummy tuck i’ve seen, the scar is barely noticeable. Very
impressive. I’ve seen some really bad scars. 

Ahaji Amos says:

April, Thanks so much for all of these videos. They’ve helped me set
realistic expectations for my tt surgery, which was 11 days ago. Can you
please share how you treated your scar? It looks great!


Do you have an instagram?

Joscelyn Lauren says:

Did you get saline or silicone? they look great and natural.

Veddy Diaz says:

I had a tummy tuck a year ago also and I was swollen for 5 months. After
that everything start looking great. My scar still very dark that’s the
only thing that i don’t like. After surgery I kept maintaining my shape
doing Zumba but when i stopped I gain 10 lbs back.

Maribel Mendoza says:

I think you look really really well. Your scar looks really well compared
to others.

ninjasylph says:

What happened to your belly button?

kvillagran1991 says:

How much u had to pay… ??????

cmuffin12345 says:

i meant for tummy tuck and breast aug 13490

pinupdoll50538 says:

I think you look beautiful and I appreciate you sharing your journey. Any
negative comments are haters as jealous of your results. I am working on
losing weight to then go through my surgery and your vids are very helpful.
I hope I get results like yours. Do you have any before pics to post?

pinkstar107 says:

tanning will actually make the problem worse!!! I was told not to tan for a
year and to stay out of the sun or the scar would darken. I didn’t listen:(

April29Oregon says:

I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m seeing my doctor Thursday to see if
he can lower the scar a little. I don’t know if he can. Sometimes if a
doctor stretches skin too far down it looks all scrunched up. It’s been a
year and that’s about how long they wait for a revision. I just might not
have enough slack, body fat, extra skin to stretch. So I’ll wait till I see
doctor first :)

Ambar Smith says:

i’m done with kids and want a mommy makeover.. how expensive was it? did
insurance help at all? were u able to wear a bathing suit at all?

HITMAN0300 says:

wait if people are asking if they are real doesn’t that mean people can
tell they are fake

ellen francis says:

will the belly button always look like that? not to be rude but it kinda
gives it away that you had cosmetic work done. Still looks great tho!!

Raven Hartsoe says:

Can barley tell

Emanuela Rosa says:

I agree with you. why they make it so high? in Brazil the scar is in the
bikini line. The doctors abroad make really horrable scars…It doesnt look
good at all. I have seen videos that they conect the middle part then they
go cutting the excess, which make people lose blood. Sorry but
Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) only in Brazil.

TheAdamie says:

April, If you don’t click the reply button when you reply to comments they
probably won’t see it.

SaphiraMs says:

You look fabulous! Thank you for sharing this.

April29Oregon says:

If the best advice I could offer- you put a timer on your phone, your
watch… Whatever and even if your sleeping have someone hopefully your not
alone wake your butt up and take your prescriptions even if you feel fine.
Personally I didn’t like the first three days. Some are fine after one,
others back at work in 9 days!!!!!! You never know.

SuperGangchil says:

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Google. There you can get an important free video presentation by a
recognised physician revealing the way to get rid of excess weight. This
made it possible for Lisa to reduce her stomach fat. Just give it a try. I
hope it will work for you too…

muaythaibalam says:

Jack off to this one

April29Oregon says:

Thank you for the compliments they do mean a lot. It’s very humble to have
people I don’t even know be so nice and caring. I hope to get better soon
for my boys. I’m a single mom and have sciatic nerve problems and low back
problems- so add that with being sick in not doing so well. But I stay
strong for my little boys! I’m happy with the surgery and I’ll remember
forever every minute detail of this mommy makeover – it changed my life for
the better. Hands down! Feels good after hating the stre

BeautifullySocial says:

I went to the same doctor :-/ I wouldn’t recommend, just my opinion.

Anistasia Wylde says:

Hi OMG not to give you the wrong idea babe, like, you have been my virtual
BFF through my mommy makeover journey I’ve been watching your videos as
they apply to me depending on my stage of recovery and I want to thank you
so much for doing this. Honestly in the beginning when it’s really rough, I
remember thinking like how does this trooper do these videos when I didn’t
even want to pickup a glass of water from right beside my bed because it
was that rough. Thank you so much. Really.

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