April’s Tummy tuck scar & results 8 week post opp 2011

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11/2011 orginal upload date…So some of my clip got cut off and the lighting is bad. I’ll update this again as the scar continues to heal. I got a TT & BA at the same time by Dr. Jensen in Medford Oregon 13grand for both. Very happy with my decision to do this mommy make over *.♥☺♥•♥•☺♥*.This clip is over a year old- I’ve updated new viedos showing the great results! 12/2012,
Mommy Makeover
Restore Desired Figure and Confidence
The Mommy Makeover
A new procedure, known as the Mommy Makeover, is quickly gaining popularity among women in the Pacific Northwest.
Restore body back to its pre-pregnancy condition
The most common patient is between 23 and 48 years of age, who has already had one or more children. Liposuction, breast lifts, augments and tummy tucks– alone or in combination — are key procedures of this new post-pregnancy restoration. These women want to recapture what their bodies looked like before their first pregnancy.
Most patients come in after having two or more children
They often have stretched abdominal wall muscles and loose skin that hasn’t bounced back as much as they’d like. Even with exercise, these patients are unable to regain a nice flat tummy.
A popular combination is a tummy tuck along with breast surgery
Abdominal surgery alone takes approximately two hours, whereas a breast augmentation to correct deflation from nursing or pregnancy takes less than one hour, or two hours when combined with a lift. Liposuction and labiaplasty can also be part of the mix.
Before performing multiple procedures we consider the patient’s health and overall weight and body mass index
In overweight patients, presenting a high risk of complication, we will split up the procedures. Mommy Makeovers are incredibly popular in my practice, in general, we’re seeing a whole new wave of mothers desiring to maintain their physical appearance. They have dedicated themselves and their time completely to their children, now it’s about them wanting to feel better.

Despite being active and exercising

There are certain things these patients cannot achieve on their own. Call Dr. Jensen today for a Mommy Makeover consultation.

1353 East McAndrews Road
Medford, Oregon 97504 Contact Us:
Phone 541-770-6776
Toll Free 800-681-6776
Be sure to mention April M Miller referred you. This is the doctor who performed my Mommy Makeover. And I have no complaints. As you can see from my viedos here on you tube. Subscribe/ share/ comment below with questions and hit the main green thumbs up if all of this helps. :) Which is why I started these videos to help educated, inform and encourage if your ready to get your body back!!!!  
I’ve signed on to be a partner as well with Stylehaul. You can see from my viedos here on you tube. Subscribe/ share/ comment below with questions and hit the main green thumbs up if all of this helps. 
I’ve signed on to be a partner as well with
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Tummy Tuck 
Tummy tuck Scar 
How to cover up Tummy Tuck Scar 
Mommy makeover
Tummy tuck and breast augmentation at the same time 
How long does it take to heal from tummy tuck ?
How long does it take to heal from breast augmentation?
How long does it take to heal from boob job? 
Does a tummy tuck hurt? 
How much does a boob job cost? 
How much is a breast augmentation? 
How much is a Tummy tuck? 
How much is a mommy make over?


Justine Folk says:

oh my god. for one, i would like to say that you’re awesome for posting
this video for everyone and that you’re beautiful. the scars underneath
your breasts are healing amazingly and hope that the others fade fast for
you. it all looks amazing. and it’s so bad that people are still making
rude and mean comments YEARS later…

ivosnivo says:

damn that belly looks fucked how fat where you?

Blessed Mama of 3 says:

People are so stupid! 1.A tummy tuck or ‘mommy makeover’ is NOT for weight
loss. Hear me? NOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS! It is to remove excess SKIN that is
left from carrying a child in your womb. 2.You can NOT get rid of the
excess skin with ANY amount of exercise. Hear me? ANY AMOUNT. 

Gee Butter Snaps says:

Dude, the scars look bad ass.

Natasha Mosby says:

where did you go?

Adriana Nunez says:

How much did u pay for it?

Lisa Smith says:

I’m glad your happy with the result gal it looks good. What u gonna do bout
the scar thang tho? Would u cover it with a tattoo if that’s an option?

Thomas Hamilton says:

How much did it cost you??

rosie perez says:

how can you be happy with that scar, looks like a botched surgery.

Sherry Watkins says:

What is the place u went to n ur cost

Sherry Watkins says:

What is the place u went to n ur cost

Rire Loz says:

Glad ur happy but i dont think dose huge scares r worth it thts y i kill
myselft in the gym.

Nikkie NikkeL says:

great vid, im 1 month post TT. def can relate

Shay Chatman says:

Only if I could afford it id get the tummy tuck

realamerican2580 says:

U still look beautiful to me.

tacoredhead100 says:

Is your belly button ticklish? Lol

sonya schmidt says:

nice job, just your scar is really unusually high. 

goolgappa5 says:

Looks like she has fone on her face also…does not look good

mstokess16 says:

Dont hateee!!! She looks good..

Francie Cotton says:

you are a very sweet lady..you explained it all very well. I

tinykay1 says:

Some women have a wide sternum or breast bone. That’s just their anatomy.
Whatever imperfections u have prior to surgery will become exaggerated. 

mstokess16 says:

Dont hateee!!! She looks good..

Zorybell82 says:

God you look amazing! GEEZ! I hope my tummy tuck results are similar to
yours.. You look really great April. 

tacoredhead100 says:
Duane Pridy says:


mayra mateo says:

Are you still using the silicone sheets? Did you see the difference?

Atreyu Bastion says:

fucking fake ass bitch…you are still fucking gross

Meditation First says:

u r so motivating, thank u for posting this video and u look great

Clarice Lecter says:


DeAnna Morrison says:

Thank you so much for sharing! I’m having the same surgeries in March, and
your video has been really helpful. You are real, and I appreciated that!
BTW your results look great!

DevonHeaven says:

The gap between breast is 99% from wide shoulders.

Taty Garcia says:


Nicole C says:

The scar is really high. Definitely get a tattoo to cover it. Regardless I
think you still look sexy 

Mikki Ray says:

U look awesome.. Thanks for sharing

lmcgriffin says:

this helped. gave me confidence to talk to my family about my plans. 

aj200 says:

exercise dont get fatt

Stephanie Garza says:

Who did you go with?

Simcha Hoffman says:

Thanks for sharing your experience. How much does it cost the “tummy tuck”
surgery ?

BiodermisOfficial says:

April, thanks for sharing your experience! You look beautiful, and have
provided some very good information for others interested in doing the
same. No other company knows more about scar treatment than Biodermis. We
sell silicone gel in strips and do carry complete scar care packages for
tummy tucks and c-sections. We also manufacture specific gel sheeting
configurations for breast augmentation, reconstruction and lift procedures.
Let us know how we can help, and thanks again!

lilmissyblee1981 says:

Well let me give you a little golf clap here, congratulations. Also, she
didn’t say all women, moron.

Karlee Breidenbach says:

if you flash your boobs your torso would be the joker hahaha

Jean Romans says:

Pretty April, how nice for you to do this for others. I’m to old for this
but have stretch marks 2 inches above my belly button not to mention the
UGLY pooch. It made me feel ugly all my young life. Plus I never felt
comfortable with my tummy in clothes. Always hide it. I think it’s
marvoulous you young girls have this option if you have the money. In our a
very pretty girl, I hope you have a life full of happiness!

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