Antenatal Breathing and Relaxation for Labour

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Breathing and Relaxation techniques can help lessen pain and fatigue during labour. This video contains information about breathing and relaxation for labour produced by the Women’s health physiotherapy team and midwifery team. More information is available online at

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Azade Zamanian says:

Second lady has such an annoying voice. Couldn't continue watching.

Strong Mom says:

Some great tips here. I’ve got some other great tips to help moms prepare for labour and delivery in this video

Nezo journeys says:

Turn on subtitles if you can’t hear.

Maddie Porte says:

get a doula moms its beyond worth the support!

Elizabeth Burgy says:

Due date Nov 21 2019

World Of Thought says:

I hate to say this but the second midwife presentation was dour, lacked reassurance and was negative. Given maternity is care focused you expect more of a supporting and better informative tone then simply reading out a script.

Zhenzhen Tan says:

I need this partner! Can I borrow?

Angela Adams says:

<3 this is great!!

katie fanning says:

liars midwives are sadists

klumzi says:

Could barely hear

Chan y says:

Guys , I do very much appreciate the video and the availability of information, but if you could act like you're not on valium and couldn't give a rat's ass about what's happening, the pregnant anxious women would feel better.

Imagine this is a scary time for you and somebody explains the events in a 'cant be bothered' way…. You wouldn't feel to good either

Wanda Metcalf says:

Due date July 10 2019… coming up soon and I want to be ready and mentally prepared. Just in case I need to deliver on my own. I'm honestly considering kicking everyone out of the delivery roo.. including my husband.

Olivia Farrell says:

What size is that ball?

Mish mash says:

This is terrible. Far from helpful to expecting mothers.

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