American Politics is Tribal – “Ourselves and Our Posterity” #564

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Like I’ve been saying for years, it’s ALL about race.

“American politics is no longer about a narrow range of governing styles or competing economic interests. It is tribal. Today’s “tribes” are defined in terms of affinity for or hostility to the founding American ethnos characterized by European, overwhelming British origin (a/k/a, “white”); Christian, mainly Protestant; and English-speaking, as augmented by members of other groups who have totally or partially assimilated to that ethnos or who at least identify with it (think of Mr. Hamadura in The Camp of the Saints).”

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Michael Ryan says:

Charles, thanks for sharing ! Great topic , working your ass off to have something is now considered white privilege. Land owners used to be the only ones who could vote , now anyone ( living or dead ) can vote . Most people don't even know where Caucasian comes from , it's not taught , one has to search it out

Henry Bowman says:

Points well taken Charles.

Andrew Munchkin says:

Trust Yahweh. The flood will be swallowed up by the earth. You should be smiling and welcoming the flood, because when the earth swallows them up, Yahweh's power will be shown for all to see.

Joe Miller says:

Our founding fathers referred each other as , the vine of Israel. Yep, the blood is going to spill in the streets

Joe Miller says:

Judeo Christian pastors recoil at the name Yahshua

Ron Figg says:

God bless you! Synagogue of Satan is behind all of it! Revelation 2:9, 3:9. I’m sure you’re aware of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Check it out if not. I’m new here. Going to check out your older videos!

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