Amazing 2 Months Pregnancy, See How Baby Grow in The Womb

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See how your baby grow in 2 months pregnancy. How amazing she is. When 5 – 9 weeks fetal development in the womb, the placenta already supplies the nutrients from the mother’s blood vessels, food source for your baby.


ابو ليث الخطيب says:

Miracle fetus configuration in the Quran

Sunaina Singh says:

2 month k baby ki heartbeat aati h kya?

Naruto Camar says:

Hello po sana mapansin nyu comment ko need ko ng advice strees kasi ak minsan once po ba mag bleeding asawa mo tas ung bata sa tyan nya hind na kumo kilos ang bata

C B says:

My girlfriend is 19 days late. Someone help lol

King Derrick says:

Omg that how my baby looks because she is two mouths pregnant

marielle Dayao says:

Im waiting for this moment

Susi Vicky23 says:

I am also waiting for this moment i am 2 month

Iqra Iqrasheikh says:

Oooo how cute in 9th month

Pavana Dasari says:

I am waiting for this moment

Bam LY says:

i did not know that my baby silent growing in my womb in my 2 months that time. i didn' t notice him. then i drink alcohol and night party huhu. baby hope u are healthy now when u born.

Jan E Umair says:

Kya koi Bata Skta hai k 2 month ki pregnancy Mai Kya feel hota hai

muhsina muhsi says:

I'm going to be a mother… 2 month

Meena Akash says:

Congratulations and may God bless all the mom and babies going to birth. I am waiting for this moment too. Please pray for me. Thank you

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