Almost 8 Months Pregnant Belly Dance

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I have my own critiques and can only wish I could be as awesome as Sadie, but here is my preggo belly dance solo. This was only partially choreographed so please don’t judge too harshly!


Azrael Jordan says:

Awwww that was so cute lush belly dance by the why just be careful ok 

Missy Rabbit says:

aawwww, your little one is so proud of you!

Azrael Jordan says:

Sorry I said why I meant by

Azrael Jordan says:

I meant the 

Ragenie Mang says:

I like it

Ella Bella says:

So so adorable haha thats my mommy, and great belly dancing :)

leadfoot driver says:

hey, you are out and about during your pregnancy. doing things others would
not do. you deserve props for that.

leadfoot driver says:

u look great

ThePersonhuman says:

her belly is amazing, so beautiful

bleh blah says:

so sexy

Dee Jay says:

is it just me that sees a ghost in the background?

sweetbelly3000 says:

very sensual!!

ForlornSuicide says:

The Belly Dancing is great and you looked wonderful..but I got to tell
you..your little one totally stole the show from you. The comments she was
making were awesome! It stole my heart when she whispered “Wow! She’s

Suzie Helman says:

Great way to show that preggo is not an illness but a condition. Keep up
the beautiful dancing!

Abreana VanAlstine says:


leadfoot driver says:

not even a condition. you are wonderful.. you are life

firecrackerNJ2CA says:

Lovely…and for what bellydance was originally intended, to ease pregnancy
and labor pains. Nicely done!

Katie H says:

Wow…amazing. Most women I knew that was preggers was tired and lazy by 8

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