All about pregnancy and belly update !!

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nappystar25 says:

Hey girl…I missed ya..But yeah i already have some mark i just dont want
to get anymore.

nappystar25 says:

I have a video of my last on(Nov.09)

marko290693 says:

Hi! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google
cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and
my mate got hot 6 pack abs and lost lots of weight with it.

nappystar25 says:

i dont think i did

titaniumbum says:

Awesome tips!!

nappystar25 says:

yeah i didnt think about it until it happened..then i started asking my
other fam and friends and i wasnt the only crazy..I have so many
pic that i cant show anyone or that have black tape over my as you say

nappystar25 says:


itsurgirl2 says:

lol. nice vid. Thanks for the updates:)

nappystar25 says:

LOL..that is how it happens..LOL

Renee Harris says:

Thanks for the add on myspace did you get to see my two boys

Lady True says:

i love this video ur funny=]

Mscubanlink24 says:

oh thats so sweet congrads on you pregnancy.

Melissa341 says:

Oh hell no… I would not allow people to be taking pics during birth.

brinny776 says:

Oh my Gosh, that is so funny “get somebody to hook that sucka up” lol lol

prettyblkgyrl says:

CONGRATS – I wish youtube was around 14 years ago, I would have LOVED some
of these ‘what you expect, when expecting’ tips.. via a video blog.. 😀

s3xy0j0s says:

It’s amazing how much u learn 4rm bieng pregnant just1 time. With my first
I gained 88lbs. which was unessary ur only suppost 2 gain 25 to 30lbs. @
the most no more. Great information I hope it helped out a lot of young
moms!!! Congrats!!!

Tonya Tko Show says:

This was really nice. Thank you very much for sharing. -TonyaTko

Michelle Thorne-Lewis says:

Girl, this video is right on time! I really needed these reminders. I’m 6
wks pregnant and I need to start taking care of my body better. I
definitely don’t need to gain too much weight during this pregnancy cos I
did not lose the weight from my last baby.

msucaligurl says:

This was helpful. I’m 6 weeks pregnant and I watched a couple of your
videos including this one and learned a lot of useful information that I
could use in my own pregnancy. Thanks all the advice and wish me luck!

steve2120mp3 says:

Hello. You’re a fine lookin’ woman. You remind me of my ex-wife and
ladyfriends. Seriously, I just want to say I commemd and respect how well
you make your videos. I’m not much into lady talk but you do have the knack.

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