Alien belly – Crazy baby kicks at 37 weeks pregnant

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Beyunka Sanders says:

Wow thought my baby moved alot

Chris Brown says:

wtf!? I was just watching sealab 2021

Claudia Encina says:

Good god, I can’t say, at least not right now, that I am eager to feel that
… it looks painful! Psycho child!

babyslime says:

@ViewingIsNotJudging It’s definitely uncomfortable when she really gets

beast ram says:

This is so beautiful

SpamBAT says:

“Let me out! Let me out!” ;P

babyslime says:

She sure took her sweet time. 😉 She wasn’t born for another 4.5 weeks!

babyslime says:

Not usually, it’s just more like a really stretchy feeling. Sometimes it’s
definitely uncomfortable, and a few times it did hurt (generally only if
she was flipping or turning very suddenly) but the vast majority of the
time even big movements like the ones in this video simply feel like having
something stretched inside you. :) Picture being very gradually and
carefully elbowed, but from the inside.

Gipsythesweets says:

Awesome…Cannot wait to feel that. I treasured it so much with my first

Erin Shook says:

That baby wants out. 😮

justcallmeshuga says:

good lord!

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