Adele – Set Fire To The Rain (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)

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Reda El yonssi says:

love adele ♡♥

SAJ Suyundik says:

Алла тагалам сендей аншини гасырында тукызганына рахмет айтам

goober toober says:

Mooo! but anyway how do you set water on fire ???


Avenida Brasil :3

Maky Villanueva says:

que geniaa

Dante Constantine says:

Nipple slip in the audience at 3:59

Ofek R says:

200 million c'mon!

Itzelh Acuna says:


Kaua Leal says:

Amo está musica

Jes F says:

Woke up this morning and felt the urge to listen to this song!!

Vitoria Ellen says:

I Love You Adele.Amo de Paixao

Tan XinYin says:

Her hair is beautiful

shantel says:

Adele is so very classy and her voice is amazing!

Marilu Amador says:

yas bitch

phillip rose says:


Lysander Lyon says:

Como me gustan las caiciones de Adele ;)

Cristopher Fajardo says:

wil houthon canciones q dejaron mjs en sus letras nunca mueres hasta q falta la última gota de sueño .esperas un momento para resolver todos los problemas

Patricia Bonitz says:

I love this girl. I love her voice. Her music is beautifully different.

juan pablo bernal perez says:

Parte favorita 3:19 en adelante

Bojan Sokolovski says:

ending was epic

katie77r says:

Just amazing! Lost for words…

Jesus Gerardo Garcia says:

Let it burn…..!!! I love you Adele……México is want tinglado for you with our arms Wide open……

Lorenz Welch says:

it's rare when a artist comes along and the music they create transforms your perception through thier eyes. T

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