Adele Performs ‘All I Ask’

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Ridwan Hiariej says:

marry me adele

SusanaEstudillo says:

She's so beautiful!!!

lovemusic... says:

Nice song …

Dawnesha Haugabook says:


Farah Azera says:

amazing! <3

Martin Bourgeois says:

Yt! Bravt! price warlike What's your opinion about xhis !!

fxpiano channel says:

Very touching song!..
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Maya Bennett says:

love this song

Gracie Sanders says:

She is such a beautiful person, emotionally, mentally and physicly

Ma. Shiela Magtagnob says:

Love Adele

kiwilitious says:

This is my favorite song in the album next to lay me down and I miss you. Well all of them lol but those are my top three.

kyzer kliev says:

I visit this vid everyday and repeat million times in row

Rosa Maria Abear Mangalindan says:

i was listening to this since january or february, & i didn't know that this is new. i thought this was from long ago. i listened to this many, many times. It's so emotional. The first time i listened to this was online, & this song makes you really listen till the end once you start. This song is very realistic.

Chandre Van Aarde says:

so deep !

Anna Cecilia says:

For anyone who was a fan of the album version, how awesome is the change at 3:39??? Adds a whole new level

L says:

This is what exactly I felt when I was dancing with my special someone who's impossible to be with me.

fabio andres barrera moreno says:

Could someone please "autotune" this girl?? the song´s great but she´s just losing it!!

Robert Fields says:

she's a fuckin' fatass pile of shit with an ugly butt chin face, gross. Who the hell listens to this crap?

Lisa Oreschkow says:

this is amazing, i'm speechless.

fauziyah hassan says:

I find the face and hand movements at 3:09 hilarious

Joy Deatherage says:

Adele is soulful. Kelly has many more facets of emotions & feelings. I would love for them to sing together mixing their songs!

jill taylor says:

unreal. adele is so amazing

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