Adele – Chasing Pavements

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zia hayes says:

I remember when this song came out and music videos were still hot and popping. VH1 and MTV would have music video blocks and I would always get so excited for this video. I love this song.

Alonso Moya says:

Hey, what's up? I'm glad to see it carry taste What do you think…

Santu Craft says:

she is a beateful

kira lamoud says:

I love this song so much !! Adele's got an incredible voice and she sing songs different than the others

Jack Phillips says:

good votes love it good job

Cellar Door says:

I miss the old Adele. She was so much better back then!

MattC6Toledo says:

MGK – Chasing Pavements.

aubrey rodriguez says:

Dec 17th 2015 I am

Lena Pauwels says:

Hello There, You're A Champ! notebook representative 11

Gabriella Hughes says:

Howdy? You're A Good Sport! skinny motionless What do you think, guys…

Devon Garrett says:

how old is Adele right now

the blue leader says:

Adele Hello

Ashlee Bailey says:

I love this song. I hope my husband never gives up on me.  did you know she was 19. she has some serious talent. I hope I can sing that good when I am 19. That would be really cool. well type me back if u agree

sirijana thapa says:

Wat a heartfelt song

Ornella Crupi says:

fantastic…absolutely fantastic

Gabin Roussel says:

How do you do? Looks handsome. file devilish What do you think, guys? 1!

Steven Sanders says:

Hi there," You're A Real Troopes! elderly empty What's your opinion abouu it

Caitlin Davies says:

adele I <3 u soo much xx I really want to see you perform live infront of me but its too expensive :(

sarah mcmahon says:

old child hood songs coming to life

Ene Illaj says:

Stfu Adele. Stop singing this song inside my head.

Katelyn Baxter says:

always my favorite song

Les Konkonviens says:

Bande de fiottes je vous aime na j'deconne bande de pédales <3

Khari TV says:

memories I love you adele

Angelis Paola Ortiz Echeverría says:

adele is the best :* ""

Rose Robertson says:

Hi how's it going? I love it festive grubby What's happening, guys.

Bearded Rizz says:

MUCH, MUCH, MUUUUUUUCH better song than Hello.

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