Abdominal Ultrasound BachelorClass – Your introduction to abdominal ultrasound

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This is you starting point into the world of abdominal ultrasound. Two case reports right out of our lab will set the stage for your learning success. See how to perform an ultrasound scan of the urinary bladder, and how to find and scan the gallbladder.

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The Abdominal Ultrasound BachelorClass introduces you to one of the most important ultrasound modalities in medicine. You will be enabled to master even the most critical situations and learn all you need to apply Ultrasound in your clinical practice.


J says:

I'm Joseph I have struggled with high blood pressure since 2016 up till today my blood pressure is over 180/140. Please I need help

MR-FLIP says:

Juat dropped $2k today in prayers my ultrasound comes back clear

প্ৰাণ প্ৰতিম says:

Sir/madam,nice presentation!But what are the ABC of usg interpretation for an inexperienced /beginnner??Any video??

Doctor Usman says:

good lectures

X X says:

Thanks a lot. But it should called: how to find urin bladder! I thought abd.sono completly with marked tipps!

ho ho says:

it is great!!

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