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Fitness expert Autumn Calabrese shows some ab workout moves for new moms who want to lose the baby weight!

Want to get your post-baby body looking fit and fab? Check out these great exercises to tone and tighten your stomach! Click below to subscribe to our channel for more great videos!

*Always consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise program.*

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Katrice Purisima says:

im 9 months post upper abs are grear but my lower abs are rubbish still this helped sooooo much thank you!

Pervaiz Amjad says:

Worout for mom in ninth month

Beautifullife89 says:

Wow! Jessy has a nice fit body and she doesn't look pregnant. In fact she looks like she never had a child. As for me I don't have kids but this tells me I need to work out more!

Varun Reddy says:

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Music is the soul of language.

lauralou1115 says:

Great blog for new moms!

kittykrazy1187 says:

They are just brilliant!

Loura R. says:

going to try this! thanks! :)

kittykrazy1187 says:

p.s. you always know how to make us burn- simple but effective and certainly not easy!

Rupal Patel says:

This one is awesome.. im not new mom but had my C-Section 3 years back… still your workouts are helping me to get rid of those ugly tires..
Thanks so much for sharing these workouts!!!!!

kittykrazy1187 says:

i'm not a mom but i still love your exercises autumn

5th Ave Millennium Aesthetic Surgery says:

These are some great ab workouts, thanks for sharing!

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