A two-month-baby talks inside his mother’s belly

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Every Pregnant woman should watch this film. Simple educational video about the baby in his early two month creation

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lola bola says:

1:20 is the sweetest moment… Awww

Sandhya Sandhya says:

super my baby two months .I am very happy .

sangeetha geetha says:

so sweet…

Mar vista Family 4 says:

Why did she puke

Ismailshaik Shaikh says:

I love this video

geeganage madushanka says:

sinhala sax

Muhammad naveed says:

Hahahahaha nice

Fancy Egg says:

I only cry when I couldn't help it. Nice try tho. I almost cry

oscarthecupcake123 says:

It's belly not billy

sneaky little baby says:

This is so cute

Jeff dentist 123 denton says:

What's a billy

Amilcar Félix says:

Limpar tudo

Kylie and zia in wonderland Sales says:

It,s a baby girl

Little Bit says:

Not in her mother's Billy it's in her mother's belly

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