A level medical physics – ultrasound part 2 types of scan, A-scans, B-scans and M-scans

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4 x ray tube is given with different kind of antikatod (Mo,CU,Co,Cr) rank this 4 tube by the work performance based ont he thermal conductivity?
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dargo rito says:

great video. but i had to think myself why the time taken for the second reflected pulse to travel from transducer and hit the first boundary and reflect back can be eliminated then i realized both the reflected pulse take the same time to travel to and back to the trandsducer from the first boundary so u just need to take the time difference between the two reflected pulse because the first pulse time taken will give u the time for the second pulse to travel to and back that same distance and the time taken for th3 second pulse from t=0 to time where u receive the second reflected pulse – the time for the first pulse will be time for wave to travel in the second medium. hit th3 second boundary after passing thr first boundary unreflected and reflect off the second boundary until it reaches the first boundary again but coming back so in the opposite direction and this will give u the time u need to calculate for the distance or depth of the second medium

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Thanks for watching! More coming this summer on various A level / IB physics topics.

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