A Baby’s First Steps! DudeL Walks! (Episode 230)

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At 11 months old, our baby, Lucas took his first steps and walked for the first time! It took some practice, but as you can see in this video it only took 4 days for him to turn a stumble into a walk!
DudeL baby walks for the first time!!!!!! Enjoy!

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cheer kaki says:

OMG i love your famiky so much.

Luana santos says:

were you doing sign language?

Analiesa Allen says:

so cute!

1080portal says:

A baby practicing to walk on wooden flooring is f*cking stupid. I bet you would throw your baby in the deep end of the pool as a special thanks to all the viewers.

lotski mordz says:

thats so cute

Koko Cake says:

The baby at 2:40 just realised shit I got this. Even the baby was smart enough to know he can walk! So cute

Tiffany Jones says:

My mum having a baby boy then I could able to walk when's he's a bit older now I got a little sister who's 8 called Samantha and a big sister who's 17 called Jennifer and a big sister who's 19 called Sophie and she's pregnant what a silly girl and a big brother who's 21 called Daniel and a baby sister been born last week on Monday I had a day off school and my sisters were in school because I go on the bus but my dad won't be in all day because my mum was in hospital ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gilbert Carter says:

When I was a baby my legs circulation was getting cut off by not moving them enough so basically I was forced to walk at 1 year

Sabrina Cashrio says:

Cutie pie 

‫جوجو العنزي‬‎ says:

كل مايعجبني وخصوصا المقالب

Linda Naylor says:

babies tired,i had one walk at 9 months,8 months and 12 months—-then i had a grandchild who did not start to walk until 18-19 months  and did not start talking till 2 yrs another could not catch a ball in first grade—-then mine that could walk at 8 mo could not tie his shoes till after first grade—–they are certainly more different

‫زينب سليمان‬‎ says:

liloboy911808 says:

my daughter is 10 months and would not even move her legs in order to walk

Our Wolfe Pack Life says:

Just made Taylor watch this. We're pumped. She's gonna go learn to walk now!!

Eloisa Tan says:

Beautiful family. I like you DudeL, well done.

Virux “Viruxxcvi” S says:

Mr. White ! we need to cook! 

m.Acordenero says:

Good job Heisenberg

Taoly Rodriguez says:


Wilson arul says:

i could feel father happiness is out of world .. 

Jake M says:

omg baby bug is not a baby anymore wow 

eyka aj says:

Omg… so cute…

41 13 says:

What a great family

JustDoing “βεℓℓα” Me says:

this is the best video of a baby learning to walk and the best parents i ever seen…….!!! GREAT JOB YOU GUYS!

KeswickCamp08 says:

omg this is so cute!!!

ariadna says:

OMG SO CUTE <333333333 ^_^

Shelby Ponace says:

My son's doing the exact same thing right now, we just don't know how to encourage the steps rather than the stumble! He's been stumbling for about a month. Any suggestions? We practice walking everyday with him. 

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