9 weeks Pregnant + Belly Shot

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Reagan Crabb says:

You’re so gorgeous!!!! 

Aari ana says:

That is a weird ass bellybutton sorry but damn

KassidyMarissaGraham Mom says:

Hey I love that shirt. Where did you get it?

trece2341 says:

congrats. on your pregnancy to. You look really happy and you will be a
great mother im pregnant to im 9 weeks and 2 days and it will be my very
first child.. wish noting but the best for you… bye

Je suis très fou says:

your glowing

Vmarievlogs says:

@newcheveu Thank you soo much for your prayers…I really appreciate it
alot, thanx again :-)

newcheveu says:

Congrats. You are gonna be a beautiful mom. May God continue blessing you
and your husband. I pray for a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby for

Vmarievlogs says:

@DaPlaya7527 Yep…pretty much…

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