9 Weeks Pregnant And Belly Shot

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84sleep84 says:

Oh My.. you had a tough MIL. Be strong!!!!

plus1please says:

I found the heartbeat on doppler at 9w4d, which was the first time I tried.
It’s totally common to not be able to hear it until second trimester

aquarianotes says:

I have noticed that your right eye (or left if the camera acts like a
mirror) does look crossed sometimes but you’ve never mentioned it so I
didn’t know how comfortable you were discussing it. :) Good for you, you’re
so beautiful and I’ve always admired you for just being yourself. Yay for
almost double digits!!

Amelia EverythingBabyNames says:

Haha I don’t ever want to have to deal with mother-in-laws…

mrsjerriq says:

I am so happy for you :)

Melissa Dean says:

I think having your husband talk to his mom is a good solution. :) I have
never noticed the head/eye thing lol but I guess I’m not observant 😉 And I
think the pimples is all hormone-related. My sis in law had breakouts w/all
her pregnancies. Glad your pregnancy is going well so far! <3


Lol! My first pregnancy I felt very emotional and could not stand my
younger brother and my second pregnancy was my older brother and this is my
third pregnancy I’m so scare to see them LOL! Good luck and enjoy being

sunnysmom31710 says:

I had this eye thing when I was little and I would tilt my head. When I
held my head straight my vision was blurry or something. I was too little
to remember what it felt like, but my mom said I would try to put toys away
and miss the box. I had surgery so I don’t have it anymore but it was
because a muscle in one of my eyes were too tight or something.

bsnl2189 says:

oh wow yes the boobs! lol i am just into my 8th week and my boobs finally
stopped hurting so much, still hurt but not nearly as much as they did the
past few weeks. i remember crying a few times after bumping them…so no
you are definitely not alone lol but the wonderful benefit is i grew almost
a full cup size in like 2 weeks haha never thought i’d ever be wearing a
“D” cup hahaha tmi i know, but i’m excited lol i’ve also noticed they a lot

cutebutoriginal2 says:

Yea, people do try to put their two cents in during a pregnancy, labor or
after the birth. I think part of that is because many women are sheep and
allow their doctors to call the shots, and don’t take charge of their
pregnancies and do their own research and make their own decisions, so
people try to educate them in hopes that they won’t become a statistic. I’m
sure your MIL isn’t suggesting this because I’d imagine that you HAVE done
your homework [aside from the cultured cheese fiasco 😉 ]

tareena1102 says:

definately cute lil bump!

MrsSmith3 says:

I can completely relate to you . I LOVED my mother in law up until I got
pregnant with my first child…and I haven’t been able to stand her since.
The ‘advice’ she gave, or just her whole demeanor…really irked me! Hope
you won’t feel the same…because I’m pregnant with our second and I can’t
stand her even more.

pinkdahlia4 says:

Hopefully your MIL will back off a little bit and try to offer advice when
you ask for it. Glad to hear you find a great midwife and hope it goes well
on your appointment.

Rebekah Fields-Watkins says:

I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

veggielove84 says:

I saw heartbeat at 7 weeks pregnant im 9 weeks now :-) I was vegan then
veggie now I eat a little wild salmon too. Vegan was good short term as my
pcos dissappeared and it allowed me to conceive. Im hating so many foods
right now im so bloated too

ashie48 says:

not sure where your at but stay far away frm apple and grape juice…there
are high level of arsnic(spelling?) found in both…just a heads up! Apple
cider is fine

Sexyhexymama says:

BTW I just wanna say thank you so much for talking about ur eye problem.
Since I havent said ANYTHING to my subbies about my eye problem until now.
Its all because of you girly that I made my eye video :). I love your
videos btw <3

JackiePlus3Boys says:

Hey there. I was sent by MamaNatural…I am also expecting in August. I will
have my first Drs appt on Feb 3rd to find out my true due date. But right
now I am guessing Aug 16th. So excited to follow along with you and being
so close to me.

Carissa Dalton says:

Oh my goodness! I am exactly the same ^_^

Joke Vermanen says:

Nice to see you again. You can be so funny talking about your hostile way
of thinking now. Just tell everybody around you that you are hostile
because of the hormones and at least the half of them should understand it
and bite their tongue 😉 About the boobs, they are growing vains for the
breastfeeding. It hurts i know, just wait for the actual feeding … 😉

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@Ashlee3111 I know for a fact it is not lazy eye the eye doctor diagnosed
me with a rare eye condition that can not be fixed with treatments. there
is a surgery that can be done but its super risky that it may cause me to
go blind in that eye. I can move the eye in all directions I just prefer to
look one direction cause its easiest for me. :) its more complex and rare
than the average lazy eye but iv never known any diff so Im cool with it.

Nautral Mumma Aussie says:

ahhaah dani a lazy eye is a weak muscle in the eye…iv got one thats
really bad!!! As you proberly seen! lol

duckduckgander says:

LOL I remember being so bitc*y during the first tri.. I don’t think it got
any better haha! I had the boob thing too.. I haven’t gone without a bra or
sports bra in 15 months!

sunnysmom31710 says:

I know how you feel with the whole indepedent thing. My MIL isn’t super
opinionated but she wants to buy us everything. She’s always asking, what
does he need? And I feel bad cuz I don’t want to be unappreciative, but I
feel strongly that it is my job to take care of my son’s needs. And during
pregnancy I got so mad at her cuz she told some people I was pregnant 2
days before I was going to announce when she knew she wasn’t supposed to. I
was so angry! Gotta love family…

Cessna Isabella says:

your pregnancy vlog is my FAVE so far :) I’m 8 weeks today. thank you for

Sexyhexymama says:

WOW I have a eye problem as well. I’m not sure if we have the same eye
problem or not since my mom didnt get me any real help for mine :(. I cant
see very good out of it when I try to look straight. But I can look
straight. It just doesnt feel very good when I do since I start to have
blurry vision.. I really think I have the same eye problem as u since
everything u said about ur eye sounds like mine. I just made a video about
it. U can go watch my vid to see if our eye problems sound alike

KbombMilla says:

In the start of my pregnancy my boobs hurt SOOO bad! It hurt just to take
my bra off. Nothing made them feel better until about 15-16 weeks when the
pain just fizzled away! haha, hopefully it happens sooner for you! Also,
you should do your belly shot in the same place with the same camera angle
every time. At least for the pictures, so that it’s easier to see a
difference! It’ll also look neater if you decide to put all the pictures
together at the end! (:

jenniferlovesrain says:

It’s awesome that you went with your instincts and found a midwife who
supports you. It sucks to feel like your health care provider is working
against your beliefs, and when you find one who suits you it’s a huge

Latanika Turner says:

Hello n congrats on the baby…just wanted to tell u the sports bras by
fruit of the loom r great for pregnant boobs they great to sleep in too…

CYP RESS says:

Hostile and emotional…. that’s so true.

xxrobandlizxx says:

I think you are starting to show a little! So proud of you for dealing with
the inlaws the way you do… You’re so kind!

Angela In Mamaland says:

Unsolicited advice…ugh. I just don’t know what to do with it… I have
someone close to me who does this and I can’t be around them for it. Buh!
Anyways, Yay for bigger boobs! Cool that you actually eat differently with
baby :) I can’t tell a difference yet but, I’m sure I will once you are in
those double digits ! 😀

waitingtobeblessed says:

wow, double digits soon, it’s just flying by… i hope your mother in law
starts to understand that you are a grown adult :) i wonder if a lot of
people break out during pregnancy and why? continued healthy baby growing

ShelbyandkyleD says:

I’m a week behind you and I also make vlogs :)

Ashlee3111 says:

Just wanted to let you know it actually sounds like you do have a lazy eye.
Lazy eye is when one or more of you ocular muscles are too long or too
short. So it pulls your eye off to one side. There is a surgery that can
correct it, along with some exercises. My husband and niece have it, and
both had the surgery and you cant tell anymore. :)

charlovespink says:

I had a routine scan at 12 weeks and everything was fine and then I had a
midwife appointment at 16 weeks and no matter how hard she tried in all
different positions and with a few different dopplers she couldn’t find the
heartbeat. So I had to have a scan to make sure everything was ok! And it
was. Problem is that until a lot later on, the baby is so small it could be
anywhere and face any direction, so it can be difficult. I hope you hear
yours xx

TheCaiira says:

I found the heartbeat at 9 weeks and 1 day.

Mary&Joel Journey says:

=) your belly is awsome congrats girl, i think your having a boy.

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@sunnysmom31710 yep thats exactly whats wrong with my eye. :) I never got
the surgery though

cutebutoriginal2 says:

Also, people like to feel included, and accomplish this by giving
unsolicited advice–especially the grandparents. I understand you need your
space, I agree people shouldn’t make you feel like you need to do as they
say, or that they know better than you because they’ve had children before,
and if you don’t listen to them then you’re X Y and Z. I guess a good way
to not take it so personally is to remember that she’s also excited about
this, and this is how her excitement is manifested.

LittleLunarLullaby says:

You can eat feta as long as it’s not raw feta, just f.y.i., if your
aversion goes away. :) I am SO HAPPY to hear that you found a groovy

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