9 months pregnant! +belly shot

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LoveFamilyLife says:

When I was pregnant with Josiah I didn’t vlog from 16 to 28 weeks because
of a move also. haha. It is hard to do videos when there is so much going
on in regular life! So happy for you guys! Can’t wait to see that new
little one. <3

Little Baby Alcantara says:

Congrats on your new house! That view is gorgeous. I hope your aches and
pains ease up soon. Don’t over-do it, even thought that’s hard to do with
two other kids. Take care of yourself! Can’t wait to see your precious baby

TheCocalife says:

Hi you have a great family, i’m also a new Vlogger, good luck with your
pregnancy, Blessings!

HurricaneMelissa25 says:

It is so nice to see a update. Can you believe we are almost due ? Glad you
got the house. Your belly is so cute… :) 

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