9 months post delivery pregnancy after tummy tuck

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KittyExpress says:

I know this is an old-ish video, but I just wanted to thank you for making
them. My husband and I have been considering a third bub but I have been
gunshy because I had a TT a year ago. I was certain then that I didn’t want
more, but lately it’s come up more and more!
I was worried that I would look awful after a third pregnancy, but your
videos have made me a little less concerned about that. You’re looking

NATA ...... says:

Thanks for all the videos you post, it is really helpful. I am 11 weeks
pregnant and I had a tummy tuck 4 years ago.

Claudia Tejeda says:

hi… I just had my baby 10 days ago and my tummy tuck look ok. I think I’m
still swollen and hoping it goes down but I wanted to see how you are doing
now. The 9 months video was the last video you posted. thanks

Mary Cortez says:

Thank you very much for you’re video =,) I myself have three kids, had a
tummy tuck n me and my husband want an other Baby , this gave me hope on
having a great pregnancy journey after my tummy tuck ur tummy looks greet
congratulations on ur new little member if the family i’m glad that
everything stayed in tacked n ur pregnancy weNT well,,,,,,plz keep updating

Sarina Eaton says:

You look great!

dwtj1978 says:

U don’t wear panties

TheMJD100 says:

Looking great!

81mommyofthree says:

Claudia, usually from what I have heard they make the incision right along
the tt scar, the c section incision of course will be a lot smaller and
once healed it will look the same :)

Claudia Tejeda says:

Thank you for your videos; I am currently preg

Claudia Tejeda says:

“Continue– I am currently 12 weeks ; have a long way to go but your videos
have put me at ease; however I will be having a c-section :( , will that
affect my tummy tuck incision?

Perla Ayala says:

you look good your TT still looks good!

greenizDAnublaque says:

Wow you look great.

TheMAMAB123 says:

You look great!

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