9 Months of Pregnancy in 94 seconds. Pregnant Belly Growing Video.

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Here is a pregnancy video of my pregnant belly growing, which we put together over 9 months using stop motion video with all the pictures we took.

Throughout my pregnancy I taught and practiced Pilates at Inner Strength Pilates Studio in Adelaide. I look forward to giving this video to our child when he is old enough to watch and appreciate it. What a wonderful way to show our child how he grew so big and entered our beautiful life!


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Grace M says:

You know what would be really funny if it was a miss carriage I know I know
too far well fuck you

Dylaney says:

That’s going to be one beautiful kid..

Alexandra Diabre says:

damn the mom looked great after the birth

TheMalni says:

So nice and positive, you look like a very happy family, best wishes!

jerry newsome says:

she’s poking her belly out a little at a time because it takes longer to
make a baby than 94 seconds… obvious troll is obvious

Nomi Levine says:

Was I the only one to see that awesome is spelled wrong!

JokarGirl says:

wow she started out htin :O

gertjan van der meij says:

next time … change your underware !

Surnamehere says:

Pregnancy is only great when:
The baby is planned and expected/ everybody is happy 😀
In apocalypic situations. We *all* know that pregnant women get treated
like goddesses’ in apocalyptic movies as they need special attention. They
not fooling anyone.

Hypnobirthing Hub says:

Their love grows as they welcome the new member of their family.

Eduard Yusupov says:

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dessen Ziel im Leben beschäftigt. Kostenlose Online-Unterrichte auf:

broandsis77 says:

In the beginning, when it said “Our love grows”,
either because of the font, or I read it too quickly, I thought it said
“Our Loves gross”

Gilead Foundations Charity says:

love it. thanks guys. inspiring idea


Awww so cute

Magdalena Bućko says:

Thats sooo cute….

عبدالرحمن العنزي says:

when a men kiss his wife … that what is going to happen looool 

Tasha T says:

What a beautiful baby video! How did you only gain the belly though? I gain
it everywhere! =)

Tanja Nelson says:

Where was your first born when the last photo was taken?Was he left
out?Shouldnt he also be a part of the family?

Animus Miles-Militis says:

Dude was this about her or you?

ilyStephan1e says:

A beautiful way to document the pregnancy journey!

vbaime2 says:

looked pretty simple. i should do that lmfao jk

عبدالرحمن العنزي says:

when a men kiss his wife … that what is going to happen looool 

Olivia Jasper says:

Pregnancy is a miracle, but it is one of the grossest miracles I’ve ever

Tessa Hansen says:

You Guys Look Like Grear Parents.. CONGRATS!! =D

Wendy Zhao says:


David Goff says:

wow, a lot to go through just for a great video.

anj Ambrum says:

That was pree mad the vid…

nuffflavor says:

Pregnancy is caused by a kiss on the belly ??? OMG ! I have been doing it
wrong for many years ! (smirk) :-)

nicole sherman says:

hope you guys framed that shot of him behind you with the heart shaped
hands on your stomach. such a cute idea :) i know this was a year ago,but

JE ENN says:

what did you eat? so perfect to only gain weight on stomach and not on
arms/legs/but, WOW!

CascadeTheWarrior says:

The mother is GORGEOUS! The father…Not so much.They better pray baby
looks like the mom lol

David Palmer says:

She is Hot

Ashby Laws says:

this may be the cutest family in history

carolina villamizar davila says:

this cute videos make me want to be pregnant….
nhaaaaaaa I’m just kidding !!!

tina mollyo says:

This was cooll,,,

Sydney Elliott says:

She is tall

Sindy Herrera says:


I am nobody says:

awww cute video 

Emma Tracy says:

Actually 93 seconds

Ale Granillo says:


Wasim Shaikh says:

vidao sax

vigosts says:

With girl like her who needs dad?! If she’s my mom I’d be the greatest
motherfucker on earth! We suggest gym asap so she can impress dudes again &
find more dads to her babies & be more prodactive more fertile!

KeKe Moseley says:

That was so cute!

Lula Al says:

why wasnt big brother in the last shot ? :(

Mria4 says:


Карина Григорян says:

It is very beautiful!!

Bianca & Emmy!!!! With Pink piggy swygoons says:

Thankyou for sharing your story 

Crissty Hopkins says:

Love this vid!

Lola flickss_ says:



awh, so sweet!

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