9 months of gestation in 20 seconds: Pregnancy video

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Check out my time lapse pregnancy video that shows my wife’s pregnant belly expanding. The miracle of growing a baby in your belly is shortened down to just 20 seconds. Also, you’ll get to see the many maternity tops she wore during her pregnancy; people always comment on that.



gettingblur says:


Jiorgia Dentry says:


checkerbordom says:

Aww, this is a lovely take on this idea. Best of luck with your beautiful

Thebassjunk says:

@march1001 We could only wish someone told that to your mom before she got
pregnant of you.

Jiorgia Dentry says:

im happy for you and your wife with your new baby…

TheVicFlo says:

wish we woulda did something like that pretty cool

Big Guys Moving sales says:

you guys’ baby is sooo tiny and adorable. congratulations

Merbeck0327 says:

Awesome rating for having that kind of foresight–sweet.

xDementedPOETx says:

Wow – you seriously think that’s fake?!? Obviously you don’t a thing about

Ricardo Villanueva says:

congratulatios! cute baby ! great video

LeeMei says:

Lovely vid!

OMGnoway618 says:

your baby is so cute!

Joni k says:

@HarryGlazier you’re funny.

kmr1763 says:

The only thing I wish is that there was some labeling… I’m horrid at
comparing my tummy to other mums, and this is a great video!

Matt Pressnall says:

We painted the room!

Vittorio Secreto says:

sweet! congratulations.

sarah876 says:

cool! I like the end when the baby was shown! You all look so happy

Caitehh says:


Christopher Day says:

and you’re 12. stay in school.

latrealhayden says:

super cool

xxbrennaluvsyaxx says:

@kcatremero lmao

Benjin Van says:

Congratulations. And I awwed.

AmazBabe says:

i love this! quick question tho, why r u and ur husband wearing the same
clothes? at the end i love how the dog is peaking above. BRAVO, very good!

BeanalovesJB says:

that’s so adorableee. congratulations. (:

vonderjan says:


courtneybabey91 says:

you all look so happy together…including the dog : )

thenickboarder says:

do the division

Juan Soto says:

that was fucking cool

scubasteveo887 says:

that was amazing

Samantha D says:

very cute. wish i would have done this

createdmelvin says:


ChristianMuslim247 says:

1. im married 2. i have tryed the tests many times b4 but i dont belive
them, and i dont even think im useing them right 3. i want to know if
anyone think that i am pregnant now, because my stupid doctor decided to
only open 2 days a week, so i have to call when they finally open, then
wait another week for the scedualed appointment. it would really help if
someone tells me if they think im pregnant or not… thanks!

march1001 says:

ewww she is gross now, thats why people should not have kids what a god
damn shame.

pervertorted says:


ChaosxRiot says:


Jessica Call says:

aw! how beautiful! I wish i would have taken belly pics when i was pregnant
with my son.

Izanagi2021 says:

must suck bein a chick

Zexer Chua says:

cool belly

Iziec123 says:

@Iziec123 Joan Osbourne The Weight

Sylvia Mapuoletuli says:

Wow! That’s amazing…congrats guys!

CattyCatRanch says:

Delightful video!!! Thanks for sharing it. Hope you’re enjoying the
terrible twos!

kdfan says:

hehe…nice matching shirts at the end. congrats!

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