9 months of gestation in 20 seconds – New Version!

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I took a series of photos every other day as my wife was pregnant with our first child. Watch the belly expanding fun! Visit http://www.enjoyyourdigitallife.com/?p=8 for info on how to create a video like this or other ideas to digital scrapbook your life!
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Also, check out my video response to see answers to the most typical questions we have been getting.


jetman717 says:

video is black

Claire Conley says:

Why am I here?

Nevaeh Evol says:

well i’m glad you think so because now you won’t repopulate.

FusRoDah2 says:

seriously how do you women do it? I can imagine pushing something like that
out a hole i have, kudos to you all ladies

danielopablodanielo says:

breast also become bigger

jambomooify says:

Sweet xx

emilytorine says:

wow……youre a tool.

iModa11 says:

Why am I here……?

midianholic says:

I was chomping on one for breakfast and now I am responding to one.

TrollOfMw3 says:


Yosbert Castro says:

why did u reply that dude? his mind is full of shit, i bet he jerks off

Maria Willoughby says:


Adam Jackson says:

Cool grats on the DNA copy!!!!

Tis Toni says:

what a bunch of bloodlust zombies leaching the kill of who thinks
differently. fuck you, hope you die in your pregnancy.

SRNF says:

wait how did it happen? You forgot those photos

Fersomling says:

Congratulations on the little one! I ain’t found a woman to take my seed,
but maybe one of these days…

The Cooliest? says:

i feel nauseous what

Scott Kilmer says:

The flashing shirts was distracting xD

Beatriz Duarte says:

uau, parabéns!

Tis Toni says:


Lovino Vargas says:

awww thats to sweet <3

Patrick Hansen says:

I too, am glad that you’re never having kids.

1952Defect says:

Panda- fuck off. I’m welcome to my opinion,you fucking do-gooder.

Fernanda R. P. Hepp says:

Asshole .-.

Angela Gallant says:

if you play it backwards… she ate that baby!!!!

sophie maryrose says:

aww thats soo cute :)

MollariB5 says:

Good job your mum didn’t think that.

Joseph Hunt says:

Your moms a fleshlight.

LeGiiTWillie says:

Crazy to think this kid is around 7 years old now.

foolmoon200951 says:

Ahahahahaha i like it ~♥♡


this is a LIE tell Them IT TAKE 10 Months to have a BABY

Keira Stargem says:

hey, did you hear that from PewDiePie???

Fernanda R. P. Hepp says:

Cause i can 😀

Marés Kanal says:

😀 and best wishes for you three

Kirstine Mikkelsen says:

can’t you please just shut the fuck up.

Miya D. says:

it’s 9 months… Hello??? lols

Tera Edwards says:

no time for Plan B though LOL

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