9 months in 1000 pictures stop motion (Pregnancy time lapse!) – Osher, Tomer and Baby Emma

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Look at our 9 months pregnancy in 1000 pictures!
Each frame (photo) was separately taken, edited and uploaded!
It was 9 months of a growing belly and 1 month of video editing… :-)
Photographer / photoshop editor / director / script writer / proud dad – Tomer Grencel.

Music by – Barry Louis Polisar – “All I Want Is You”


Morgan Daisy says:

Your beautiful family is so lucky to have this wonderful memory video that
can be played in the future :’) 

James Jones says:

Sooo your wife didn’t change pants or top for 9 months. Gongratz with that.
And ofc with the little bastard aswell.

Sunny Michelle says:

Awww this was so sweet!!! Great animation too!
lol and if you’ll excuse me for sayin’ that is ONE hot mama! Wow. Such a
cute baby too. d’awwwww! She smiles at the end.

LaStephiex says:

she looks like cassie from skins!!!

emma Grace says:

Why would a thousand people give this a thumbs down ?? This video was
awesome !! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing . Makes me sad to know I won’t
ever experience it :/ .

mbx57x says:

Why I am single…

Marie L says:

I can’t believe how big she got so soon. She was actually showing at 8
weeks.That was pretty neat. You’re wife is beautiful and the baby is just

Bryan Wright says:

Im sorry but i watched your butt slowly get bigger.
Very nice

Deniz says:

Jews, always wearing the same things

Mindy Rodriguez says:

loved it. too adorable!

Lis Bonnet says:

follow me @LisLipsRed

jose rojas says:

the beauty of life. beautiful video, people. Makes want to have another.

HaxxtasticPvP says:

Her feet got SO RED

~Luigi is awesome~ says:

Aww, she is adorable

Blero Kovaci says:

Half of the people stared at the tits

DeAnna Bruggman says:

congratulations guys! beautiful baby and awesome video!!

Antoine DANIELOU says:

Magnifique vraiment :) j’en ai les larmes aux yeux. Ca fait du bien de voir
de belle chose.

Beth Sophia Clarke says:

This is the cutest! And she’s so gorgeous! How on earth can this video have
1K thumbs down…?

Kymber Rose says:

can someone link me their porno

ram casty says:

You guys rocks! Thanks for sharing this, I did like and love watching this,
you did give lots of time and efforts on getting the pics….

19brittm says:

Woah amazing. This is so beautiful enjoy your little girl!

Kudubluk says:

Putting a music from Juno made me feel uncomfortable the whole video. And a
little bit anxious about the ending. Otherwise, it was cute !

Celeste Gonzalez says:

This is beautifull!! and oh so cute :}!

Lily Marcum says:

Super sweet and cute! Hope you all are happy!

TheMimaps says:

02:54 A présent je dois rejoindre mon peuple

Céline Fio says:

what a lucky girl… a so loved daughter just can have a wonderful life!
great parents!

Trad Goth says:

Creepy…pregnancy always reminds me of alien

Matthieu Cks says:

#awesomepeople :’)

Emma Katie says:

This is beautiful , I hope your daughter sees this xx

LectoraEntreLibros says:

This is beautiful

Carina Martinez says:

What a beautiful family y’all have 

André Gouveia says:

beautiful, thanks for the sharing =) good luck guys

zyagirl83 . says:

Ohhh that’s sooo cute you are such the cutest family

Barbara A says:

Really clever. Lovely memento.

phoenixgirl21 says:

Cute little montage :)

Kaila Hartford says:

Amazing video, and honestly who would give 1k of dislikes. Pregnancy is
beautiful, every part about it is… 

Lizbeth Quintero says:


Jessica Bailey says:

She made that look so easy wtf maan

Hollie Black-Ramsey says:


Gauze IV says:

Haha watch it in speed x2 it’s cooler ;)

TaylorTalks says:

That baby girl is going to have this amazing video to look back on when she
gets older! So awesome!x

Dana Melchior says:

man, normally i don’t like stuff like that, but good god i dug it. mad
sweet. they probably dig the hell out of each other

Kevin Madelbos says:

Très belle vidéo et félicitations à vous!

Trina M says:

This is honestly beautiful :)

Tim White says:

Love the song its really peaceful it made me cry

Ruby Angel Styles says:

Where the fack are your stretch marks lady? 

Gingerly4it says:

Wonderfully done! You both have a beautiful baby. Congrats!

midzata says:

same pants and bra for 9 months, that’s nasty.

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