9 Month Pregnancy Embryo Development. What happens in Womb at 9 Months? How Baby’s Organ Development

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9 Months Pregnant: Symptoms, Belly Size and Fetal Development. Do you know what happens at 9 Months of Pregnancy?
Month 9 Fetal development information How your baby is developing.
Your Embryo continues to grow and mature: the lungs are nearly fully developed.


Deepika31 Deepika31 says:

My last period date 30.3.19 how many weeks complete

proud hindu says:

God bless all the babies

Yakhub Skznr says:

9 month pregnant and this is my polyhydramnios pregnancy….c section is recommendee

yasmiin abdi says:

plz tell me wich week the baby is coming am 37week naw

Deliz rups Kohima says:

My due date according to Dr is today but still the baby is kicking hardly…is it normal?

kids zone says:

My last period was 19 may 2019.now how weeks of my pregnancy??

Jiya Shah says:

Thanks mam 4 riply

Jiya Shah says:

how to baby born safe which week

Jiya Shah says:

how to week in 9 mnth start

Bhanu Sri says:

Naku 38weaks pregnancy.. eppudu naku yenno month anukovali

Jyoti micheal Gomes says:

Mam…it is ok to deliver baby at 37 week…..plzzz reply

Lingathoti Gowthami says:

All glory to the lord

Sannilla Shailaja Mudiraj says:

Dear Dr. I'm now entering to 9th month I hav adequate water in womb last week Dr.gave some sachets to increase water without scanning I'm not using without checking how can she give for increasing water in womb, I'm facing little bit gas problem in the chest whatever food I'm taking I think I m getting little bit pain Inthe chest plz suggest me

Millicent Nzama says:

Remember me Almighty God,im due on July 7,can't wait to see my Son.

md asif ikbal says:

27 weeks 1kg ..Is it ok?

Javeria Zohaib says:

Mera 39 week but no labour pain …ma kesy labour pain ko la sakti ho

Geofrey Sikombe says:

Dr ,4dayz remain to 9month bt no sign of labor is it normal or risk,and what your advising me to do to get early sign of labor…. answer me plz am worry abt it"

Reena Gautam says:

Thanks for giving this imp information

zartasha khan says:

Plz give me tips for normal delivery…I hv completed 37 weeks…

Ashaq Hussain says:

Respected Dr.i m from Kashmir my wife is in 9th month before she feels big kicks.but now kicks became week

SAM kashif says:

m complete 37 weeks but baby movement is too slow daily 1 2 times per day


I am turning 9 months in Jan 25 2019… amniotic fluid level is between 5-6… now before 1 week it was 6…. it is reducing… how to increase the fluid level…. can you suggest a better advice….. expected date is Jan 30….is there any complications. ..

Daud Ibrahim Mohamed says:

Dr I have a question a bout my wife she is 9mnth pregnant the movement of her child was very well before she reach at 9mnth but now she is feeling less movement not even move sometimes so is it at risk or it is normal at this stage not to move as usual pls response as soon as possible thank you

Louisa Helena says:

How big is a usually a nine month pregnant belly?

Kin Gonmei says:

m complete 40 weeks today but no sign of labor….is it normal?

Prescydaime Daime says:

m in 9 month now mi baby move whole day….is it normal …moreover cant to see mi cute baby

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