8 Weeks Pregnant+Belly Shot (Baby #2)

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To play my guessing game go to http://expectnet.com/game.php and type in “Tiffsbaby13” and guess my babys gender, weight, length, birth date, and time!! You can guess from now till Dec 15th

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AprilNichole02 says:

It’s funny you mention finding out in a dream. With my last baby I was
going to wait til the birth to find out but the night before my 20 week
scan I had a dream I was showing my neighbor a baby girl, so I told the
ultrasound tech to tell me and my dream was right! Anyways congrats to you
and your family.

Star Smith says:


Florala13 says:

You look great!!!!

Marnee' Johnson says:

Same thing I had but I had a canker sore at the back of my mouth it made my
ear hurt and throat hurt when I drank or ate anything

sexigemini73 says:

Congrats and from the things you are saying I think your gonna have a girl.

loverofallthingsbeautiful says:

@vaylen20 in here other video she says that it wasnt planned she was on
birth control it failed.

Brittany Roper says:


AshleynBaby082012 says:

Hey Tiffany, I was wondering if you are working? You just never mention
anything about a job and I was just curious as to if you are working with
this pregnancy.

sheeshimcute says:

It’s none of any bodies business to begin with be happy she’s sharing her
life with us all and STFU with your opinions, if you don’t like it you are
not obligated to watch!

Jimmiealice Williams says:

Great timing :) They’ll be soo close.

BadGirl0804 says:

The stomach issues could be fiber. Whenever I have a sudden change in fiber
intake I get that discomfort there.

Daily Davidsons says:

no, I wasnt in the right mindset myself to record anyone lol

KitaBtv says:

I think ur having a girl this time well I hope u are that way u have a boy
and girl but either way I pray it’s healthy and I can’t wait to see the
little baby :)

delancy1234 says:

Awww your glowing!!!! You have on foundation?

georgiabradshaw2010 says:

i think that comment is unfair as you have no idea of her and TJ’s
relationship, just because they’re not married doesnt mean theyre not
committed to one another.

Suncerary Maria says:

Yea u guys should do a video talking about how ya felt about this second

blessed100 says:

Still see those abs!

MommyReporter says:

I’m still getting used to the idea that you are having another baby!!! So
amazing… congrats!!!


Omg im 6 weeks 3 days today…yaayyyy congrats

kooltypechick says:

She didnt do it on purpose…She told you her BC failed

AsToldByBrianna says:

She didn’t ask to get pregnant. Like she said before her birth control

philicia pierre says:

NAME-O LOL) i wonder how her workout is gonna change. I am so mad she on
baby #2and she still got a flatter stomach than me *puts on gym clothes*

Lori says:

Congrats tiff!(: I’m really happy for you. Ignore those ignorant people.
Stay.positive mamas! You make some adorable babies^_^ jaiden is the cutest!
I think you’re gunna have a lil girl and she will ne gorgeous just like her

ElegantSkies says:

Guys cheat all the time, no matter what. Married or not, if you don’t know
that then you’re an idiot, marriage doesn’t change anything in a
relationship. And don’t be rude, this is the second time I’m replying to
your message, go somewhere else with your preaching.

believetoachieve says:

She was on birth control.

Lakelsey3 says:

Marriage ain’t nothing but a piece of PAPER! I have two kids an had my
first in college and I’m glad I didn’t marry there dad! God do everything
for a reason I am a single mom an I LOVE MY DAUGHTER AN SON!! congrats hi

mdelacruz says:

she didnt expect it, her birth controlled failed..

lovelygeechi says:

Are you still going to exerdcise with your baby!?!

Daily Davidsons says:

yes I still do have friends lol They were surprised like everyone else, but
supportive and excited

E Denmon says:


Daily Davidsons says:

Very excited now! Ive had 6 weeks to digest everything! lol

mchideki says:

I love your earrings

Daily Davidsons says:

Gods plan!

JustBeingJacenta says:

You can also try sweet oil….not sure the difference, but I had the EXACT
same symptoms, ear ache and sore throat…WEIRD….(but I’m not

warmcaramella says:

it was unplanned! she keep saying it…birth control fail!

Amber Carroll says:

Its the youtube curse lol I got pregnant again and everybody I watch got
pregnant again!!!!!

georgiabradshaw2010 says:

its not in any way sad that i think that a piece of paper doesnt define a
relationship and a couple’s commitment to each other. it’s sad that you
think people not getting married ‘lowers the standard of life’. i think you
need to stop looking and analysing other people’s relationships and
concentrate on other things. seriously.

Katlyn Himanez says:

Are u going to be doing the old wives tells gender prediction?

DestinyStar says:

he needs to stop trying to preach to everyone only god can judge us she
already had the first child without marriage so why so big of a deal with
the second child ya want her to throw on a wedding dress and walk down the
aisle all pregnant just to please ya?

ShwtyNameToya says:

lol for all of Tiffanys videos, i think youtube should block the word
marriage or married. hahaha.. would save us and her alot of headaches
reading all those dam comments about marriage. LIKE GET OVER IT!

Sadé T says:

You look so beautiful

vaylen20 says:

Oh young lady I would never encourage abortion unless its necessary. But if
Tiffany didn’t want another child now there is one easy way of preventing
that it’s better than all the birth controls in the world. It’s called
Abstinence.. NO MORE SEX TILL TJ MARRIES HER..And you might consider that
too if your a young mother with no husband and a child. Be Blessed.

rednek69gal says:

Did you record your parents and tj’s parents reactions when you told them?

Younique2011 says:

you have to use garlic oil for the ears….it works

lemontree0216 says:

OMG I didn’t know you were pregnant. I’m so happy for you
congratulationssssss! I’m currently 8 weeks with baby #2.

Debora silva says:

Oh God! u prego again!!! haha Godbless u soo much huney! Love ur vids , and
good luck , #hopegirlteam

Helena SLF says:

congrats tiff i’m pretty sure its a girl this time !!

CBSkyGirl says:

congrats! i think you’ll have a girl

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